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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 82] case shall such allotment be made unless recommended by the local ¤¤<=¤¤¤¢¤<l•¤¤¤• engineer such channel or improvement in charge and by the Mmm Chief of Engineers, respectively: P rther, That for no single N•¤i¤¤¤¤l ¤ll¤¢· channel or improvement shall a sum be otted greater than $10,000 m°°°' puer yearupder loctality, nor shall any portiin of such a];propriation be otte ess esameisnecessaryin einteresto navigh `onto ` protect and pruerve the existing Government work. Sum Siuveys and examinations provided for in this section shall, unless from m’Z¤L°z${Ri§i otherwise expremed, be paid for from the appropriations made for "°'" · the respective improvements or projects to w ch they pertain or m connection with which they are mentioned. Sec. 2. That for exammations, surveys, and contingencies for V5-§‘§ic,“°°"· '“" rivers and harbors, for which there may be no special appropriation, the sum of $250,000 is hereby appropriated: Provi4£$, That no §;‘L‘; mm. preliminary examination, survey,_pro]ect, or estimate for new works mq¤l¤¤l. W other than those in tins or some agzior Act or `oint resolu— smmmun N tionlstgall be made: That _ rzlhe regullar or formal pcnsmmses. re easreqiured wonan examma on,surve, roect, orpgvork under way or prgposed are gubmitted no suppleineliitdl or additional report or estimate shall be made unless ordered b a con- mmmmnqw current resolution of Congress: And urther, That time Gov- bealnwork massa. ernment shall not be deemed to have ente upon an pro'ect for the iimhpgodgepneritii of any waterwai or; hharbor mengonedkm tlhishéct unt or e commencemen o e ropose wor ve been actually approvéiated by law. P M The Secretary of ar is hereby authorized and directed to cause um$°",f,’,,,}’,}','j preliminary examinations and surveys to be made at the following- "°"· named localities, and a sufficient sum to pay the cost thereof may be allotted from the amount provided in this section: i 'l1‘honi1a1stopbHarbor, Meme, with a view to securing greater depth M" °°‘ an Wi t 0 asin. Ba aduce River, Maine. _ ,-,,1, Bogton Harbor, Massachusetts, with a view to securinig increased `I mm width and dtgth of channel from Mystic River to President Roads. Buzzards ay, Massachusetts, with a view to the removal of Cleveland ledge and other obstructions to such depth as will be suitable for vessels using the Cape Cod Canal; also with a view to pgovilidixlrg a ;i?th pgicgpvepltyléive filet up to the dredged channel in te ar ro ew or, assac usetts. Harbor of Marion, Massachusetts. Salem Harbor, Massachusetts, with a view to providing a channel twelvg fcgetildeéip at énean low water from the outer harborto the mout 0 the ut iver. Lynn Harbor and Saugus River, Massachusetts, with a view to providing a channel fifteen feet deep up to the bridge at East Saugus. Malden River, Massachusetts, with a view to a modification of the ro`ect. p 'liaunton River, Massachusetts, from its mouth to the head of navigation at Weir Village, with a view of securing a channel of twenty-five feet depth, or of such depth as may be considered advisable in the interest of commerce. _ _ _ Weyrgoiith Fore River, Massachusetts, with a view to a modification 0 the pro°ect. _ MConntecticut Iliver from Hartford, Connecticut, to Holyoke, °°°“°°“°“" r assac usetts- Fivemile River Harbor, Connecticut. Housatonic River, Connecticut. Johnsons Creek, Bridgeport, Connecticut. _ _ Stamford Harbor, Connecticut, with a yiew to securing increased depth and removal of obstructions to navigation.