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822 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. new nn. Buggy; Harbor, New York, with a view to _ a channel from the outer harbor at or near a point opposite dle entrance_to connect with the Buffalo River at or near Louisiana Street; also mth a view to the enlargement of the anchorage basm m the outer harbor to meet the demands of commerce. _ _ _ _ _ New York Harbor, New York, with a v1ew to securing additional width in Bay Ridge and Red Hook_Channels. __ ~_ _ New York Harbor New York, u:1£per bay, with a view to rmprovmg channel opposite _ . _ Plattsburg Harbor v1cmrty, on Lake Champlam, for a deepwater connection with suitable tewminals that are to be established at Platéxngg, New York, m connection with the New York State Rondout Harbor, New York, from the Hudson River to the head of na tion. . - _ % at Tonawanda and North Tonawanda, New York, with·a view. to sec a depth of twenty-three feet. _ _ ·Westches NewYork, withavnewto provrdmgachannel widthofonehun andfiftyfeetupto thepointwherertrscrossed by the Fort Schuyler Road. "°""""·· Manasquan River Newélersey. . _ . _ Raccoon Jersey, including the construction of a dike or 'etty at the mouth of necesary. _ DelawareRiveratCamden, NewJersey,fromCooper·Rrverto Newton Creek. ` °'“""‘ Broadkill River, Delaware. , Delaware breakwater and harbor of refuge, Delaware Bay, Dela; ware ‘ ` Leipsic River, Delaware. _ _ °""°""" Big Annemessex River, Maryland, with a view to roviding a smtable channel from Clear Creek Point to Muddy Creek Point. Black Walnut Harbor Maryland. Ferry Cove an arm of Eastern Bay, Mgland. Mouth of Creek, Anne Arundel unty, Maryland. Kent Island Narrows M and. _ Tilghman Island Harbor, land, with a view to a modification of the existin§l];roject. Wicomico er, M land. _ ‘”"‘“"· lalackwattgr River, mia, with a view to the removal of e. shoal at e mou . Coan River, V`u·gmia` , with a view to dee e and widenmg' the channel at and near its main entrance. P mug Harbor at Norfolk and Portsmouth, and approaches thereto, and channel to Newport News, with a view to securing increased width of channel and]-groviding additional anchorage area. Scotts Creek, Norfo , Virginia. ` Harbor at Saxis, Virginia. Occoquan Creek, Ware River, Virginia, between Hockley wharf and the Warehouse Landing, wit a view to improvement by to a suitable navigable depth. Inland waterway from Norfolk, Virginia, to Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, with a view to determining whether there should be any change m that part of the route from Alligator River southwardly to Neuse River from that heretofore recommended in House Document Numbered hundred and ninety-one, Sixty-sec0nd Coniréess, second session, and heretofore adopted, and whether it would _ desirable to extend the route from Alligator River to Pungo grvégkczhleérice to got? Crete)kNthenc§§r·0m the irgtahd of Goose Creek y, an ence euse rver, or w ' tion of said part of the route js desirable. er my modmw