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832 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III: Ch. 1.45. 1913. hour law, the inspection and quarantine of imported animals, including the establishmentmd maintenance of quarantine stations and the alteration of buildings thereon, the inspection work relative to the existence of contagious diseases and the tuherculm and mallem testmg mm. of animak, 8654,000: Pmoidcd, That of this sum not less than $75,000 ...;;‘?...°1°*“"* "°‘ neu be set aside for demomtrating the me method or preventing and eradicating hog cholera; _ _ _ ¤°¤°¤¤°•”'°*‘°** For all necessary for the eradication of southern cattle """’°· ticks, $325,000: , That no part this appropriation m°lf°l°°°”'Z`li¤ishall beusedin the urchneofmaterials orormtheconstruction shane materials, P . of dipping vars upon land not owned solely by the United_States, except at fairs or empoeitions where the sblzlcipartment of Agriculture makes exhibits or demonstrations; nor any part of this approriation beused in the purchase of materials or mixtures for use_in ~ Kip ° vats except in. or demonstration work carried on b% omcials or offthe_Bureau of Industry; is _ nm-ymauuy. For neces] expenses or mvmtigations expenmen nn dairy cooperative investigations of the dairy industry in the kvgariousw tates, iuspectim of renovated butter factories and mar $1 ,900; Anlnl ¤¤¤h¤¤¤·y· Fortzll necessary expmaes for iuvutigations and experiments in angnalahlusbandry, $52,180; fm. _ mc _ _ _ _ _ or n expmss scum mvestnga m _ of the maintznance and improvement of the bureau experiment_stationatBethesda,lIar57luui,audthonecg¤sary alterations of buildmgs therein, and the necessary for mves— tigations of tubercuhn, serums, antrtoxms, and mama products, $78 680; §,,“‘,§;“·,,,‘°‘§*”,,,{,;,§,,$°; 'llhat from and after July first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, it M. ¤¤rvi¤r shall be unlawful for an person, firm, or co?oration to prepare, sell, barter, or exchange in the of Colum ia, or in the Territories, or in any place under the jurbdiction of the United States, or to ship or deliver for shipment from one State or Territory or the District of Columbia to any other State or Territory or the District of Columbia, V , any worthless contaminated, dangierous, or harmful virus, serum, toxin, or anal us product inten ed for use in the treatment of ,_,,"'}°,,f,},”,{,“,‘}{,;,,',";;{ domestic an no rson, firm, or corporation shall prepare, ¤•¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- sell, barter, exchange, or as aforesaid mtg virus, serum, toxin, or analogous product manu actured within e United States and ' nded f _ th tre tm f d ` als unl inte orusem e a ento omestic anim , essand until the said virus, serum, toxin, or analo ous product shall have been pre ared, under and in compliance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture, at an estabhshment holding an I_Wmmdm_m_ unsuspended and unrevoked license issued by the Secretary of ¢¤¤vu¤s,eee.,p»oau> Agriculture as hereinafter authorized. That the importation into ""* the United States, without a permit from the Secretary of Agriculture, of any virus, serum, toxin, or analogous product for use in the treatment of domestic ammak, and the importation of any worthless, eontamrmlateéif dangerouus, plrcharmfpl griirus, serum, toxm, or analo- ¤ gous_ _ uc orusem e atmen o omestic animals, arehereb mm", q°¤nr“*° ty? °°°”` prohnhlted. The Secretary of is hereby authorized tb cause the Bureau of Ammal ustry to examine and inspect all viruses, serumshtoxms, and analogous roducts, for use in the treats ment of domestic ammals, which are imported or offered for Domain, M unportatmn mto the United States, to determine whether such viruses, eerums, toxms, and analogous ifproducts are worthless, contaminated, dangerous, or harmful, and it shall appear that any such virus, serum, toxin, or analogous product, for use in the treatment of domestic !DIID£lB,`18 worthless, contaminated, dangeroqs, or harmful,. the same shall be darned entry and shall be destrotxeal or returned at the expense of the owner or importer. That e Secretary of