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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. »Ch. 145. 1913. 833 Agriculture be and hereb is authorized to make and romu te B°¢'“•¤¤¤·· •¤‘»·*¤ from time to time such relies sind regulations as ma be ngcess lgato bHm°d` prevent the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, or shipment aslirlibresaid of any worthless, contaminated, dangerous, or harmful virus, serum, toxin, or analogous product for use in the treatment of domestrc ammals, and to rssue, suspend, and revoke licenses for the maintenance of establishments for the preparation of viruses, serums, toxms and analogous products, for use m the treatment of domestic animals intended for sale, barter, exchange, or shi ment as aforesaid. 'llhe Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to issue permits for the importation mto the United States of viruses, serums, aii°$Tx°' m mw toxiniisand prpducts, for use intt.l.:_treta;5r1er1it of domestic ‘ amm wcareno wo ,con ma ,anerous or n armed An acme issued use- authority or use Act eiaaelssis umm"? °' "°"' ments where such viruses, serums, toidns or analogous products are prepared for sale, barter, exchange, or shi ment as aforesaid, shall e issued on condition that the licensee shall permit the inspection of suclh and pj such productsld and their]; preparation; an e re 0Agric turemasus orrevoean ermit ,,, · or license issued under authority ofythispAct, after opportryrniisy for ligeusiiuuu N hearing has been granted the licensee or importer, when the Secretary of Agriculture is satisfied that such license or permit is beingbused to , facilitate or effect the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, or ipment as aforesaid, or the importation into the United Statesof any worthless contaminated, dangerous, or harmful virus, serum, todn, or analogous product for use in the treatment of domestic animals. ;,.,,,,.,c¤,,,,_ ,,,,0, That any officer, agent, or employee of the Department of Agrieul- °“°°** ture duly authorized by the Secretary of Aiicu ture for the purpose may, at any hour during the daytime or nig ttime, enter and inspect any estabhshment licensed un er this Act where any virus 86111111, toxin, or analogous product for use in the treatment of domestic animals is prepared for sale, barter, exchange, or slrlgwment sm afore- muh mnb said. That any person, firm, or corporation who all yiolate any means mn of the provisions of this Act shall bedeemed gurlty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not exceedmg $1,000 or by imprisonment not exceeding one lyear, or by both suc fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court. That there Ameumrempsuu is hereby appropriated, out of andy moneys in the Treasury not otherwise a propriated to be expen ed as the Secretary of Agriculture may r§rect for the purposes and objects of Act, the sum of $25,000, which approdprration shall become available on July first, nineteen hundred an thirteen, and may be expended at any time before July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen; _ _ For construction of buildings at bureau experiment station at mlj·;*l¤jgg{·,°g_§r;;*d Bethesllelllai, Margggnd, and bureau experiment farm at Beltsville, am. M .816, 2 , _ , · ajlgr general administrative work, mcludrng traveling expenses and ';rQ_¤¤i¤¤¤¤·=**· salaries of employees engaged in such work, rent outside of the Dis- _ trictbofglrilmbia, cfgcetiigrrtures and supphes, ezgplfbessésfrerght, tele- , one,an o necemary enses,_ , · _ _ grgvr all iieeessary expenses_for ents m the_ and °¤¤‘l¤¤ ¥>=¤¢·*¤¤s· breeding of osmches and for mvestrgatrons and experiments in the study o the ostnch industry, $2,500; In all, for eneral expenses, $1,371,946. _ _ ‘And hereager the Secretary of ‘§'lC\1ltl1l'0 IS authorized to prepare e,,§j*;e°r;u·rm·g_*¤¤¤ and sell at cost such patho cgi _ and zoologrcalspeermens as he may deem of scientific or educational value_ to screntists or others engaged in the work of hygiene and samtatron: Provided, That all myg moneys received from the sale of such specimens shall be deposited in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.