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842 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. IH. Ch. 145. 1913. "•"'?"‘°- "’°~ Washakie National Forest, W oming, $3,900; w°'°”°'°°°'w"h' Wash? National Formt Fhrhington $13 l30· xzmmd §iionalaL¥i>?res¢,tf.%|?§° §10’460; ig ’ ’$10 060 enaha ation ores n an Oregon, , · 0?€¤•*¢¤••· "••¤· Wenatchee National Forest, $11,330; ’ lm" “'°'· °°'°· White River National Forest, Colorado:1$10,267; lm°°°°' lm" Whitman National Forat, Oregon, $19,400; ‘“°“"· °“‘ Wichita National Forest, Oklahoma, $3,800, and not to exceed wmmgé-QM $2,%;) may l1{Ie8<g)p·e3dBe;lr;·nt'thv¢‘r ;1;ection pg {rlgeadquarters building; Zuni, N. ouung , r s o Mn I I " 'NationalFores NewMexicoandArizona $3734· ¤¤* ¤·¤ea gillrilitional national tfiorests created or to be uniler section

  • °,$;,,_ ,,_ ,, ,¤_ eleven of the Act of March firing and eleven (Thirty-

sixth Statutes, page IIIDQ and sixty-three), and lands under contract for purchase or for the uisition of whmh condemnation Mnnandma proceedings have beeninstitujed f¢i1$(tlhe of said Act $57,590 · '°"‘°"""“" °”‘”‘ J.*;t22“ZS°°’°“1’;3‘..,.,.g.‘“"°“‘t2"2;.*“.°°¤ ’ §.‘¥...°°é’;°;t‘¤2‘f.'¤i‘*i‘{‘£3iQ usual be r nun': en: be kdm e Emenr in "§.r.y uid? di. n.‘3r...r ¤.¥.‘§’.pp¤`i;’.i°ti° t. ?.. national forests, and the sum of $100,000 is hereby apgrogréigted for ¤,,,,,,*""‘”‘,,,¤,,,,,,,,, the purposes aforesaid: Provided, That not to exceed 5, of this

· sum maiy be expended under the direction of the Secretaryuof Agri-

$L`5'2r°£,“}3§ e...°’.¤’ *?‘“";‘en.¤“"‘ °f °°'Mn., r0"“.g...“°" ores v r culture and describing such lands by metes and gum as mounted '“ " " ”‘ 2: :*1::* 0* ·‘:::° than ··*:·,·**°¤.r.r,r,‘·t···**°;* mit: ° ;.z“"£ _ a u age o un an - , an e act o arc V°'-3°· P- ****5- third eighteen hundred d ’ — (Thi;-t' th St tute, te kb F mm hundred and ninety-fiveiuanldmlfdryealltzi such slnirveysj and gbgglatg iggrmplgygs, "` and ficldmugfécsi themtgdsgmmhumotga gy employees of the I{0l‘8St ce, e m tates , d such surveys aniux platsyand held notes therlalciiivsliintlll gglfrgrogned m¤;gg_{_¤;:g°·I$d_,gt9· by the United States surveyor general: P rther, That any amen. unexfended balance of an agptropriation of $35 to be expended iggltgln er gre dixrectgopncgmtlie petary of gr survey and g e an s wr ores reserv f I- ture and clescribinithe same by metes l):\II¥(l; or ilthzrgvxiszgluaiiid so forth, provided y the Act of August tenth, nineteen hundred and t}ve`lve, "Ahn lzgganpaking aglpliggriations for the Department o gncuureore yearen une "th'teeh-

 and thirteen," be, and the same is,   cohtiritilelgoandnmzclle

available for and during the Hscal year ending une thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, or the purpom of tlns appropriation· ¤¤¤¤¤°¤¤*¤•— For fightinglgggogmvmting forest Bree and Ear other mijemwm emergencies, , ; ¤¤vv¤¤¤» ¤¤·- For the purchase and maintenan f ii ld iii d laboratory supplies, instruments, anii°ei)]11i1;>61i1$§Si;sl,y$1filO,00((l· co, an investigating mba F · · - dnmmon mm or investigations of methods for wood d1st1llation and for the p.¤¤¤e¤.e¤a‘ pgesergative treatment of timber, for timber testing and the testing osuc woodsesmay uiretestto rt'if ’ for making paper,_and ig? other investgiiior:sluandt1ia•r{>ebrianiI$tt;lbtl<‘: Ruse mmuuu Pfom0l?° ¤¢0!}0mY m the UFO of fol'¢St products, $140,000· For egperrments and mvestigations of range conditions within national orests, and of methods for improving the range by reseedmi, regulatron of grazing, and other means, $25,000; TMI .'°°°` °!' the qu1'¤h¤¤¤ of two Seed, cones, and nursery stock for seedi ond tree p anting within national forests, and for experiments aiig hd., mvestigatnloam neohissary for such and tree planting, $165,640; 0,,, .,.¤ ,.,,, Provtdeduid at t Secretary of Agric ture mayoprocure such seed, '*""_ °°¤°°· lm¤9l'.Y— ¤t0¢k by open purchase mt ut advertisements