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844 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. III. Ch. 145. 1913. °"°’”""”°'°•°- BUREAU OF CHEMISTRY. .e..':.’¤1°£.°r?,‘?..§i‘“* chpstgfnm, Busargcgr Cum:`s·ésr: oneéhégst, who sw; _1» , ; one 1 clerk, , ; ons.super·v1srng clerk, $2 500; one dxeontive clerk, $2,000; seven clerks, are four; nme clerks, class three; Wme clerk, $1,440; twelve clerks, class two; one clerk, $1,300· ughtesn clerks, class one; thirteenclerks, at $1,020 each; eleven claire, sgh2l000 each' twenty-two clerks, at $900 each· I¤'¤°°“’¤·•°°· on; clerk, $840; one ggsgood dr? r, $3,000; one foci an drug inspector, ; drug rnspectors, a $2,000esch;thirteenfoodanddr to , t$1 each; food and drug inspector, $1,620; e1i§vi:}i:cod :1; tors:-3 . P°° “{_·•”°"*°"¥*·°'P•¤ $1,600 each; four food and dgglmspectors, at $1,400 each; four Laboratory helpers, at $1,200 ; one laboratory helper, $1,020;

c;&r·0laboratot1z0 at $2300 each; four lgzzhoratory helpers, at

3 *¢¤'.{ r t $900 · labo helbperséat :,140 each; two >e1s, at $7§0zxach; 4 rary per·s,m¤engersor t$720each·twlborstory helpers, messengers, ei laborers, ;t·$660 each; ,twei,rt;-six l•bor—atoryhelpers,m§boys,orlaborers,st$600each; one laboratory assistant, $1 ; one tool maker, $1,200; one sampler, $1,200; one]smtor,$1,020; enest1rduitsssistant,$300· twumusen- $; a:w$:40 each; oneskillelEl•borer·;t$l,050; onaskilledlaborsr, zrgiriilhaborers, at Sibgseabeth; three messenger at

one m y or , $360; at

$240 each; rn all, , ‘}°,{‘§§‘}§{¥,‘,f"‘}‘,;,, Gamma:. xxrmrsns, Bmrmu or Crrnusrrzrz For all necessary vnu. ew- for apparatus, and supplies, repairs to apgsra , gas, electrre current, oihcrsltravelrng expenses, te egraph -s.rr telephone service, and frsrght charges, for the employ- mentofsuch assrstangi , and othert§sonsastheSecretar·y of m___¤"“-u_ agriculture may cons: er necessary for purposes named, in the pcm city of Wsslungten and elsewhere m conducung investigations, collatrn§ and reporting the results oi such investigations and for rent outer e of the Distrrct of Columbia forcanjying out the investigations and work authorized, as follows:

 “**‘*· mtI::;:°1i°Qi3f:‘Qitiii¤1i¥§ir°h•i1`a¤¤i;sq°i:t:mrg1h4q°d %'3‘.° *°°,,,"‘.,.‘*“’

mmm mh of chemistry to agriculture, $65,000; . tmc ° ·_ mm other espmmeis ljor collaboration with other departments of the Government

m;n¥;fg§3ions  whosedhieads trhequest the Secreams ance, an or o er miscellaneous

work, $40,000; · lnvsdgatlng for- F ‘ t' · th h M . _ `

·::·.·······*····*···* ..s;’£ 1‘;Z§’,&’.‘3‘2‘; rmm..° ° ·"‘°}§§.r ,.£‘.§.°J2$§'£‘¥3' ’“".§I.‘I.’I.°£§Z'. *22*3

for rnepecugp the same before shipment when dum the shi ’ or- owners these products intended for countries where ch and physical tests arenequired before the said products are allowed to besold therem, and for all necessary expenses in connection °th zc on and studies of methods of analysis in foreign countiiies ' ! mam umm gn all, for gener-sl expenses, $109,280. I ms N¤>¤¤¤¤R'{0r¤1mona¤nnnuesA :F b'

  • ···~·—··*·· Smww ¤!4z¤¤··1s·¤· wcmme ·¤¤¤w»" Pi $:}*3i% °”°

or June mms. mmm me · P'°"“° ·*°‘ . , ed and su, entitled "An Act for xeggrtrngdtbe manufacture, sale; or transportation of adulterated, md_ ,or·po1aonous, or eletenonsfoods,drugs,modicines _ hquprsgrrdforrgegulatnngtrsmctherein and forotlrer J rnthecrtyofWdu¤gtonand ehewhsre, ntus, chemrcah and supplies, repairs to appmtm, gas,