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846 SIxTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. IH. Ch. 145. 1913. • ; to l0g\6l·l· assist- °"‘Z“‘§`{°8'2»‘}»‘?”2.3‘ .'?.®.§°§u”aZE¢°tm?;$ Z? agen mr, 0.., m ’ ’ 'cal drsftsman $1,080* four {mmm, at $1,080 mphzilvtocninilltiiasdiological preparators, it $840 each; one entomologncal to $720- six entomological preparators, at $600 each; one pmmegengepus I-,8840: two messengers or laborers, at.$720 each; one mechamc?$840;’one laborer, $540; two charwomen, at $480 each; one charwoman, 8240; m all, $60,960. _ F th motion °"‘“" °"·¤‘¢""··¤‘- ¢Gmm*Lg:::m’]%Ui::i:v(;tigE1L{r?»;f(iir·eGm»mq¥` °’...3%'I2. hstits °°°°' of insects in'urious an henelicul to agriculture, hvrhcultuw, ¤·¤‘b01‘l- culture and) tlm stud of insects aiectnng the health of man and domestic animals, and e means of destroying those fqrmd to be injurious; for_ tang, ?m “*'”“‘...,,...,.."“"r‘“?.¥ »1°£.T‘$'?..°f¤..‘“.`§*€,·".Z¥°$`»*E¤f,‘°"“’¤ Ein fm, mt outside of of Colrnnbia, freight, express charges, official

.·*·:.**·:.,·m:··,°;‘?°:.‘%.·[*..··*·**..r..°···"..*···‘····.··;.*:·:.¢*.*··...,,i...· *·’·mh :::2

Gp P _ _ 1 1 ’ . fell wing estngstions: , _ _ ·_ msusesmueu. ]§?er inv]:a;i5ations‘of insects affecting deciduous fruits, orchards, °‘°· vineyards, an nuts, $45,000; _ - cereal and knee of msects afoeting cueal Ind forage pllhh, """°" including insects afecting Wll$t,_0GI1; oats, rye, harley alfalfa, clover, and so forth,. $90,000, of amount not to $10,000 """°‘°°"m"' sballbeexpendedforthe1nvestagat;ionoithermcatorp1llar, _ goursemnuamps Fol'l11V6Sl·lglu0!B.0fHISG:tBlK&‘l£IDg®uth6fl crops,mcludm5 insects aifecting cogtggbgsbhaeeo, rice, sugar cane, and so forth, an Argen M . ; F¤¤¤· theor invdsutizaatlions of insects affecting fol'Gt8, $44,750; _ _ ,_'§,`g‘;°,‘{,_°{°,,.‘j‘· '°°"‘° For investigations of insects aiizcgang truch cmtgslhgnxguggngs insects affecting the potato, sugar best, c algséomon, , i , peas, and so orth, and mapcts afecting sto products, $35,000, ""“"“"‘ For investigations in culture, $1§,000; _ _ “Ki°ir1¤xi•°° nb For investigations of insects affecting tropical and subtro ical W fruits, incgndmf sagecting the orange, lemon, grapeauit, ¤¤¤¤¤¢”•¤•¤ ¤¥· For intlestigationsiof the ily in the United Stats, ' ° d POHGQIQ- 3 4¤¤*¤’•**•**'• luF'l`»i·riint:er;°ti;i,1iom of insects, including the stud of W"' insects affecting the health of man and domesticjuimals, housegolgl insects, the importation and_exchan5e of msects, and expen- _ ments with insecticides and megan e machinery, $45,000; In all, f eral expe , 50. ..}°i’.’$Z{s‘°° °'°`"" Pnsmngisgesllanmm oximiliscrrssz go enable the Secretary of °- ¤¤¤¤¤“"·•“‘~ culture to meet the emergenc caused by the continued spre of the gypsy and brown·tail moths by establishing and maintaining a §‘?..1"""“° p$°:$.»°¤hgi&n°h?ll°d$i·11r?e?%rnis°§°£he`;ei1€§i$uad&?? , in coo - ed d 'thth eralSteteexpenmen' t tations,' lu' t tdfiltlsidesdl thy; Distiicszvof Columbia, the emplgymeut olillzabgiugimtllie city of Washington and elsewhere, and all other necessary expenses, $300,000. Total for Bureau of Entomology, $742,210. _\¤;_g_·,¤_?{>’ ’*•*°¢*· BUREAU OF BIOLOGICAL. SURVEY. · mucnuéuw Ssnsnmg, Buusu or Broworc.u._Sunvzr: 0ne_ biologist, who "'“‘· Mn be chief of une chief clerl::gs$1E800; one mgamepreservsou, ; ocla-ksc ;three er elses two; four clerksyclass one; three clerks, at $1,000 eaeli; two