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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. cn. 145. 1913. 849 at $900 each; twenty-one clerks, at $840 eaah· one skilled laborer, $900; nine laborers, at $840 each; four laborers, at $780 each; sixteen skilled laborers, at $720 each; one chief folder, $1,000- two folders, at $900 each; one skilled laborer, $1,100; one laborer, $1,000; two messengers, at $840 each; two messxs, at $720 each; three memengs or messenger boys, at $600 ; two messenggrs or messenger ys, at $480 each; two messengers or messenger ys, at $420 each; two messengers or messenger boys, at $360 wc Z 0¤0 l*b°N!', $840; one laborer, $600; four charwomen, at $480 . each; three charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $166,410. Qmmnax. mxvmqsns, Drvrsrou 0I'PUBLIOA’1'ION8§ For miwdlmmm omni ensues. objects of iu_connection with the publication, indexing,

ul6Sh'8li10D, and distribution of bulletins, documents, and reports, as

o ows: For labor-saving machinery, includ1ng' necessary su lies, $1 500· 8“”""’°°°‘ For envelgpes, stationery, and materials, $6,000; PP I ' ger ofgic;) urngslurs and iixturgk $2,00101iO or 0 grep 'c ui ment or togra hic materials and artistdptools and supoplieg $6,000; P S For telephone and telegraph service and freight and express ehargm, 250; ‘ For wagons, bicycles, horses, harness, and maintenance of the same, Fei- urchase of manuscripts, traveling expenses, electrotypes, illustratlions, and other expenses not otherwise provided for, $3,000; In ell, for expenses, $18,250. Total for vision of Publications, $184,660. BUREAU OF STATISTICS. B¤*¤•¤¤f¤*·¤¤¤¤¤· Sananms, Burman or- Srarrsucsz Ons statistician, who shall be ,,,’;{,§,,":,‘f,f§,§};j chief of bureau, $4,000; one assistant statxstician, who be assist- swent chief of bureau $2,500; one chief clerk, $1,800; six clerks, class four; nine clerks, class three; twelve clerks, class two• two clerks, at $1,300 each; seventeen clerks, class one; seventeen clerks, at $1,000 each; twenty-one clerks, at $900 each; two messengers, at $840 each; two messenggrs or laborers, at $720 each; two messengers, messenger boys, or la rers, at $660 each; one messenger or messenger bel, $480; one charwoman, $540; two charwomen, at $360 each; in l, $115,380. Gamma:. nxrrnsns, Burman or Srrarrsrres: For all necessary °•°•°‘•=¤*•¤•°* expenses for collecting domestic and foreign agricultural statrstics, compiling, writing, and illustrating statistical matter for monthly, annual, and special reports, and for special investigations and com- Pilgtionsi as fguowsl f lab th of W d D *,,°¤**·***“'°,,, °¤ a aries an em oyment 0 or in e cit _ ashmgto' n an · elsewhere, supplieg, telegraph and teleplwuc yS01’V¤¢¤, f!'§1$ht {Bd express charges, and all other necessary miscellaneous administrative expenses, $24,700; _ alaries and traveling and other necessary expenses of special field ”°” *8***** agents, $68,900; Salaries and traveling and other necessary expenses of State 5***** *¤*¤¤· statistical agents, $32,200; _ _ _ _ Traveling and other necessary expenses of oiiimal and special ¤§,gf°‘•‘ '¤*·*“** invesf ators, $2,500; In ali for general expenses, $128,300. Total for ureau of tatistics, $243,680.