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SIXTY-SECOND consmzss. ses 111. cs. 145. im. 851 one clerk and proof reader, $1,800; one editorial clerk $1 600· one editorial clerk, $1,400; one editorial clerk, $1,200; one $1 ,200° one clerk or draftsman, $900; one clerk, class four; two clerks, class three;_one clerk, $1,500; four clerks, class two; seven clerks, class one; eight clerks, at $1,000 each; twelve clerks, at $900 each; one messengler, $840; three messengers, messenger be or laborers, at $600 eac _; four messengers, messenger boys, or labifrers, at $480 each; one skilled laborer, $900; five laborers or charwomen, at $480 each; two laborers or charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $66,160. _ Gmmnn. nxmmqns, Onion or Exrmmnnr Srurionsz To carry §§“°"‘g{’§;?,;,_ mto effect the provisions of an_ Act applpoved March second, eighteen •¤»· hundred and eighty-seven, entgtled “Act to establish 'cultural vu. M. p. na experiment stations m connection with the colleges establ§1ed in the v°‘· “· '·“"· several States under the provisions of an Act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the gots su lementary therew/f the sums apportioned to the several States an}dP'l‘erritories torpe paid quarteréy nu advance, $720,000; _ mom"' of { ocanjymtoe ecttheprov1sronsofanActa]?rovedl\larchsix·cr...s.i .,,..0,,.-k teenth, nineteen hundred and srx, entitled “An ct to provide for °*°,;*g, R ap increased annual appropriation for agricultural experiment sta- “’°' tions and regulating the thereof,f’ the sums apportioned to the several States and Terntones to be paid quarterl m advance, $720,000: Prm;ided,_That not to exceed $15,000 shall be paid to $,*3 each State and Territory under this Act; To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to enforce the provisions ,,§§*"““"‘"° °" of the above Acts, relative to their administration, including the employment of clerks, assistants, and other persons in the city of Washington and elsewhere, freight express charges, official traveling expenses, office fixtures, supplies, apparatus, telegraph and telephone service,_ gas, electric current, and rent outside of the District of Columbia, $40,500; and the Secretary of Agriculture shall ·““"'·"“"‘°“‘°“‘· prescribe the form of the annual financial statement reqnnred under the above Acts, ascertain whether the eippendrtures are in accordance with their provisions, and make report ereon to Qongress; _ _ sm, { M To enab e the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain ¤.,,,,§{“‘,»,,'§,, il'; agricultural experiment stations in Alaska, Hawaii, Porto Rico, and •°° °···¤· the island of Guam, including the erection of buildings, the preparation, illustration, and distribution of reports and bulletins, and all other necessary expenses, $110,000, as olloyvs: Alaska, {535,000, of which sum $5,000 shall be immediately available; Hawau, $30,000· Porto Rico, $30,000; and Guam, $15,000, including not to exceed $2,000 for the purchase of land; and the Secretary of Agriculture is '•'•°*P*°d¤°°'· authorized to sell such products as are obtained on the belonging to the 'cultural e eriment stations in Alaska, Hawau Porto Rico, md ilhgglisland of gum, and this fund shall be available until Ts; enable the of Agfi<=\1l¢\¤'6 l0 i¤V9$t·l8¤t° wd !'¤P°Ht :{:T§¤2l°im¥m upon the organization and prggress of farmers’ institutes and agri- ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,; cultural schools in the sever States and Territories, and_ upon v•¤¢¤¤··•¤¤· similar organizations in foreign countries, special su§estions of plans and methods for makiplg such organizations more ective for the dissemination of the res ts of the work of the Department of Agriculture and the agricultural experiment stations, and of nnproved methods of agricultural practice, including the employment oi labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, and all other necessary expenses, $23,000; _ In all, for general expenses, Sl 613,500- _ semusussveup Nummou mvnsricsrrossz _'l`o enable the Secretary of Agri- cou culture to investigate the nutritive value of agricultural products used for human food, with special suggestions of p ans and methods for the more effective utilization of such products for_tlus purpose, with the