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854 SIX'1'Y·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. On. 145. 1913. lib and quarantine dktriets for plant dkeases and insect pests; to permit and regulate the movement fruits,_ plants, and yegetahles therefrom, end for other purpoees," in the city of Washmgton and meluding traveling expenses telegraph and tdephorfe express andgleggt charges, and all other exemploying su amtants, an other persons as me. · mm necessary for the pinrposes naged, $40€000,· of which Im 1 · l¤r•l’¤`$°¤i’i·'€·°.it:¤°‘LL any class of nursery stock or of any other class ol plants,_fruits, yegetables, rests, seeds, or other plant pgucte of gzhich tihe . importation orbndden an coun or oeah 4* P- ¤*~ the provisions seven quarantine Apt agpalveexl August twentieth, nmeteen h and twelve (Thnrty-seventh Ststutesiapage threzigincnmdred mdbiftxhr-Pnay be im£forted_f<$ ex· . pmmen or scnen uxposes artment t

}>onspehconditiomau¤l,undersuehregulat1omsasthe t$

- Agnculturema prescribe. ·

,,, hd To enable the Secretuy of Agricu1ture to elfect an exchange of

¤•¤¤•·*¤·- lands and mdemmty rights with the State of Montana, $25,000, to be_ available until expmded when said State shall have a pr0—

 a like amount to be used in eqogleration with the llhrest

,\"""‘°,,; mum mz for aforsaacl purpose: _ , That such exchange shall madeonthebasisof proxunatelyequalareaandvalue. “¤:_¤m=$um%¤l·;!•t¤;·; T08H»tlll0th8S6Gl'0bl{?’9f hlX6t0§Qulfo|DdlA)dl¤Il$ am mum among the pezlple of the mted tates useful infomation on subjects 4 connected wi the marketing and distributing of farm_ products, and for employment of persons means necessary m the city og chelsewhere, there is hereby apgaopnated the sum npmsezxeme. 0 That nollllingeontainzl-elil1l0lgAct mabckns ap mwzlginlllzlgillfbl § ”'.°¤p$:•:.”usZ°: vide for the expenses of Government of e_ Bistgict of Columplliih A°*°'*’•"_“, Mk for the fiscal year ending June thxrtxeth, mneteen hundred and

2;m.d·:s* f:;.i°%Z1$Z"P°°°°snm'b°ZpI$·i°:;¤°:s`g¤`i°si1tw°xZ;y`S1x1lT“li§·f1Z11.°`

1 BS payment from_the talspmphrgatiops for the Department ofpggriclnlturg of expenses mcaden _ to delivery of lectures, the `ving of instruction, or the acquiring of information at meetings grits emplo ees if subjects relating to the work of the department authonzei by

 Sfésrmsxrzszm .;*:;*2::1:2°m.*°¢¤?:.;:;¤¢$hAm;w~*y·
 " :;,*&·;¤t2¤;a*,6·*;¤L;:;.2:;yei% rdmymenmcnwcmmshg 

'»· ,0u0m0nesa ' belhereafter appro5riated in lump sulrn foll·pt.h?gxll;epart,rhev1lt of W ::*%;;°.;,£.¤;;r€;e:;s. %:::$y‘&“:2:°;z?m°:g*$r“t**S;;i°;‘y¤¢i¢¤;;“¤ ° · I1 8.111 md" be construed to authorize the transfer of gany rson exiimlg Sduu aspecnticsalaryandthe a entof Pcf Pye at apgislpriations at a rate jeg; than scgcrllgemilgiccsdgsyré lumpsum _;·g_g*y gfguz whumhexilesfter every officer or employee of the Department of Agri. mms wmpemvzdzssixpmomeggnopggségféza is spcciiied herein shell receive !¤¢¤¤·C¤°¤·¤ Dv To enabletheSecre f 'cuil · "‘£,,°¤l¤:¤ tobemaao inneixggbit at tMb:•{1;1;ya¥1n€§lme;Yili?5i°o;O0th):rlhleYlnll1u:In(;lm];k;; "" _ ngress,to_ edatTuls,Okl ,d ' endmg_June_thu:t1eth, nineteen hundred 021113 fxilrutlgehhcmgtl It?]. of the nnves tions roducts d cases - ?° Y° the subhumlfnregion of the lfmgfed ISI-lates, inlzlllxaldigg lzhlglllnllligx @*2; *2: @*5 of W•¤bi¤z¢<>¤ and elsewhere, $20,000, to be