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892 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 148. 1913. '*M*•¤- Na from and after the assage of this Act: Provided, That section erf•i:°r:¤°°°° °t mn fourvgeen hundred and eiglty-six of the Revised Statutes shall not “‘°‘·"""’°°·”°°‘ apply in the came of officers who enter the Navy after the passage 0 this Act and such officers take precedence_when_of the same grade according to their respective dates of commission in that grade.

  • "‘”‘{_';,°,“."m,· That from and after the assage and a val of this Act the pay

dem ·i¤· M and allowances that are n¢i)w_ or may be fixed bydltaw for ofiicers of the N ag and Manne Corps shall be increased t y-five er centum for su oilieers as are new or may hereafter be detailed mghyxymu gy the Seriretary ofithe Navy on avragin duty;°Provcu1;1ed£Ii"l`•hat this increase 0 a an anees grven su 0 rs 0 as are actfqs gyeirshpf heavier·than·air craft, and wl;iltqmsoNdetailed(}§ 1,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,, , t no more thn·ty 0 0 avy an Marine Cogis shall be detailed to aviation service: Provided further, ¤·¤¤ That no 0 cer above the rank of lieutenant commrmder in the Navy or major in theT¥Lar1ne be detailed for actlgal agro- N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ iirrtlrer, t n0th.mg_ rn provision cons to Numcvm increase the total numbero 0Ecemsnowin the Na or Marine Corps. mama or sae- That the accounting officers of the Treasury arevhereb authorized """‘““"°·‘“°'°°‘and directed to allowiu the accounts of the Navy all payments heretofore made bfy them mraceordance with orders or- regulations of the. Secret? 0 the Nag for commutation oftguthisteneetomemben of the urseCor·pa thellavyat the ra rem . · N*;¤¤;;¤ ,*;:5; _ That all o Navy who, since the third day of March, er chmmlhious. iréghteen hundred and mnsty-mne, have been advanced or may hereter be advanced m grade or rank pursuant to·law shall be allowed the pay and allowances of the higher grade or rank from the dates stated m their commhsions. Pay. miscellaneous. PAY, KIBOELLANDOUB. _&=¤m)g;:g_g:_¤:0v·;: {The Secgetarylof the Navy shall qepgi t0hC(p`nFress pi; th; mrmccugaa 0 rtsnex reguarsessronacom e see eor ts te amount of money of all pay under &e provisions of this Act and lor all allowances for each grade of officers in the Navy, including retired o£Heers,_an;l£:l· all officers included in this Act and for all enlisted men so inc u . p:£:'¤U•¤¤¤¤l ·¤· _For commissions and interest; transportation of frmds; exchange; mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States, and for actual personal ex uses of officers while traveling abroad under orders, and for travrsihg expenses of civilian employees, and for actual and necessary traveling expenses of midshrpmen while proceeding from their homes to the N avsl Academy for examination and appointment as midshipmen; for actual traveling expenses of female nurses; for rent of buildings and offices not in navy yards; including the rental_ of offices in the District of Columbia; ex nses of courts-martial,p1j1s9ncls and prisons, and courts of inquiry, ggards of ms ection, examining boards, with clerks’ and witnesses’ fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recordingl; expenses of

 paymasters’ offices of the various cities, inc uding clerks,

itpre, uel, stationery, and incidental expenses ; newspapers; alladvertrsrngfor the N ag Department and its bureaus (except advertising for recruits for the ureau of Navigation); copying; care of library including the purchase of books, photographs, prints, manuscripts, and periodicals; femage; tolls; costs of suits; commissions, warrants; drslomes, and drschlfgiis; relief of vessels in distress; recovery of ( uables from _ slupwrecks; quarantine expenses; reports; rofessronal_mvest1gation; cost of special instruction at home and alhroad. ui maintenance of students and attachés; information from abroad,