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898 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Cx. 148. 1913. shore and on board ship; nautical and astronomical instruments and repairs to gage; libraries for ships 0; war, pro&s:1k¢;nal ang , an wings an engra or signal ;nava a giigmfp aratus? lanterns, rockets, aniilgxihnmng [héts; ttmgs, mchio banntafles, tz·1l£l•£is, and other sc0u:‘passs· an o er a ces or meashiiing the shi>p’s way, an leads anis other applidiiises for s0undingguutefns and lamps and their apguhdg for dfeneral use on board _ ori uminating urposes an 0 can esused incounection ""’°"‘°""‘“°“'· thegewith; ans supplids_£<:· poast service, the mm. o as neomsary si or stations: u,,,,"¥;_""° °‘ '"°‘ ghatthe sum togipaid out of this appropriation for the purchase ei land for sites for shore stations not exceed $50,000 · instrumqlrliglaigd apparatus, suppliesthand booké and periodicals isu c on an researc wor m radmtelegr gt the gavzlnryadio H ragoii; {nd othegsmatlfrials for]; $1; mg an repamng 0 · p otogra otograp m- struments, and iimsic; installing,

repairing 1£Lnor spd lexterior signal  

ns app ea 0 w atsoever n ture 0 naval vemels, except range finders, battle prder arid rangld transmitters and mdicators, and motorg and their controlling apparatus ‘ii»’°d~.~az·‘° °W'§"¤§"I.'°'”“`°‘£' ¤§"2’T‘,;‘§““ €°..i’?Z """°"“‘* $‘f5°’°3°‘ sum on a un er ,,,§j°"°"· °“*· '°"“ the d@tion of hh0S0¢'l'B¥A1’]_0f the Navy, for in— spectiou, and messengeriservnce at the several navy yards, naval stations, and coaling stahom for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, _ _ mneteen hundred and fourteen, shall not exceed $260,000: Provided “*"‘° “"’°"‘°"· {ge ztal expendizurescogéicggr appropriation at the nav 0 ra ry shall no ex , . B¤°“= °¤¤v¤¤¤— fI2§·1·.§.n coaxrastzpsz For thl: 350 battle compasses for ships 0 e avy ere ore com , , . <‘¤¤¤· ¤¤=- h§JO¢L arm rséixstygramegw: 00:1 and other_fuell1§or steamers’ and spsuse_ano eq m•m_pu ,mc expeusesf transportaiaon, storgfe, anrlyhandhng me, andulgr the gene;-ill maintenance of nav coaling depots coaling plants, water for all purposes on board naval vessels, mcluding the expenses of transpor- M‘?_;g·k_9&•g;,gfeg¤;;j; tation and storage of the same, $5,000,000, $75,000 of said sum, or so much thereof as may necessary, may be used for the surve and ¤;vest1§a31oné>y_ :;3>§1Ln::·nt§l tests oilcpal in Alaska for use onboard s ips o e m a , an rt upon 1 fields available for the prodmxion of cglrlgoqothe use o¢i’0 c€h·d United States Navy or any vessel of the United States. · », . { p.' , ’

   a%§?3d6i,°t°§?;¤h`L'L‘i’i°§‘»m¤·*“°g £*£2"sm°”° ?L§"&%;‘Z“§d S"2§“'°°° if

'°*’°°‘°°· lish, at such places as he may deem necessary, suiublydepoztlor pggg other fuel for the supply of etomamps of war, is hereby Depot! for coal, etc. Epqpg z · . i».is_ssb‘3‘3}‘ri’.?’»$§€‘?¤6°‘,2”“5¤,ii...’°”‘i..r Qf»?i.°?.T'}”l°..J°0¤“°”“ganis i’i§“$¤?$ additional fuel oil tank at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $30 ooo'- fuel oil %us; Massxchuaegts, $53700 contingent foi· repairs and exns e 0 . · can L esgrgow, to be §£5.btE"$§XZ2¤d$. °“*‘°’ °'· ‘°’*“°· “* ‘*“» _ NTHWGENT, manu or mrnmu·: Pacl¤ng' bo xlisérbooks, and mpdglshstationery ferriage and algsxiha-g sible $0 30% ureau of Equipment unforeseen and imposvgeéuh audlakesur- _O AND I Jsué : H dl-0 · I I yl pay of the necessary hyzarozraphic $1!·£1;1dm8urc;;la,•?, men and recorders, and for the purchase of nizuticalgliqpks harts and gaining simmons, sconce. °° ’ ° *