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bIXTY-SECOND CONGRESSQ Sess. IH. Ch. 148. 1813. 899 DI81'RIBUTION or norms: That duties assigned ‘b law' to the D’•¤’"¤¤s¤ °* ·*¤· Bureau of Eqmpment shall be distributed among the lather bureaus ¤°°’°‘°"m°°°°°t and offices of the Navy Department in such manner as the Secretary of the N_avy shall consider expedient and sroper during the fiscal ggcar ending June mneteen hun and fourteen, and the retary of the Navy, with the approval of the President, is hereby authorized and to assign and transfer to said other bureaus and offices, respectively, all available funds heretofore and hereby approprratul for the Bureau of Equipment and such civil employees o the bureau as are authorized by w and wlmn such distribution nneeaamaaes or °* d¤*¤¤¤· f¤¤dé» wd wpivvwqss shelf have been eem rem, the 3;··· ···· ·=·=·-¤* Bureau of discontinued as hereinbefore pro- _ vided: Provided, _ tnothing herem shall be so construed as to au- m°°Jr°' sppxeprra thorrze the explendrture of any appropriation for purposes other than °°¤’ ¤*¤"¤*¢¢ thosespecuica y provided by the terms of the a propriations, or the submission of estimates for the Naval Estabhshh ent for the fiscal """’·'*¤* y&u· uiuugteen hundred except in accogrdganpe mh the oer eno navaroriation for ear nineteen h d thirteen: Providlisjagther, That the Secrelary of Navy shall report to Congress at the beginning of its next ensuing session the distribution of the duties of the Bureau of Equi$ ment made_ by under the authorization herein granted, with fu statement in relation to said distribution and the performance of navy-yard work therein involved. norman or ranos nm nocxs. D§,'g•°°°'Y·***••¤** Marrvrzxascs, Burman or- Yuma arm Docxs: For general main- ¤•*¤¤¤•¤¤¤ tenance of yards and docks, namely: For books, maps, models, and drawings; purchase and repair of fire engines; iire apparatus and plants; machinery; purchase and maintenance of horses and driving teams; carts, timber wheels, and all vehicles, including motor·propolled vehicles for freight-carrying purposes only for use in the navy yards; tools and ruparr of the same; stationery; furniture for Government houses an offices in navy yards and naval stations; coal and other fuel; candles, oil, and ges· attendance on light and power plants; clean` and clearing up yards and care of bur dings· attendance on fireswlglights, fire engines, and fire apparatus and plantsincidental labor at navy yards; water tax, tolls, and ferria§e· pay of watchmen in navyoyards; awnings and packiniitoxes; an ior pay of employees on ve, $1,500,000: Provided, t the sum to be 5;:,4;, M lm paid out of this appropriation under the direction of the Secrettfy. of rea. ’ the Navy for clerics , inspection, drafting, messenger, and other classified work in the navy yards and naval stations for the iiscal year ending June thirticth, nmeteen hundred and fourteen, shall not excwd $425 000. Corvrmenwr, Bueno or Yanus mu Doexs: For contingent °°°‘“*°°'· expenses that may arise at navy yards and stations, $30,000. venue wonxs, nuazau or uums arm nocxs. *`°‘“" "°*"'· New rama, Ponrsuourr-1, New Haursmnn: Fitting up mom for *’°·"""°““'·*‘·“· storage of cranes, $9,000; garbzie cremstory, $6,000; central administration building, $20,000; m $35,000. _ _ Navy rama, Bosrox, Massacupsrrrs: Pavmg, _ to continue, B°°‘°¤·“¤* $15,000; elegtrical system§12>3x0t(e;(1;mo;i1;'° $5,000; rpnkoad sysiem, extension an ment, , ; roofing o pa s op, $22,000; remodxtiilg? building numbered Yorty, $12,000; rnmodehng building numbered seventy-seven for boat storage, $15,0fl); powerplant improvements, $3,900; dredging, to continue,_$·10,000; sewers and drains, $3,600; moving boiler sho from building numbered forty-two to building numbered one hundred and six, including nec-