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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS Sess. III. Ch. 148. 1913. 903 0foflicersandenlistedmenoft·l1eNavyand1[arineCo whodie or- arekrlledrnaction ashoreorailoat, and alsotoeriablethl-l•?sSe¤:r·etary 0ftheNavy,1nhisdiscretion,tocauset2>betransportedt0the¤r homes of civilian employees who die outside of the c0nti— _ nental lrmrts of the United States, $15,000: Provided, That the sum {'”,"'§,,,,,,,,,,,,_ herem appropriated shall be available for payment for transportation of tl? reurarns Xi hair`;. died whgle on duty at an unesmce p wen · teen dredan %1'0UId0d, That a Navy Rmerve Corps is here rmed cgrgm n°°°"° to be organized and operated under the provisions of the ct proved August_ twenty-second, nineteen hundred and twelve for luis; the rggamzatron and operation of a Navy Medical Reserve (brjps, and _ ering therefrom m no mgm other than that the qualification requirements of the appointees be dental surgeons and graduates of reputable schools 0 medicine or dentistry instead of "graduates of reputable schools of medicine," and so man of said ap teesmaybe ,,§‘:.{_* ""’ ordered to temporary active service as the &cretary of the Navy may deem necessary to the health and eliiciency of the personnelof the Navy and Marme Corps, {providing the whole number of both regular corps and_reserve corps entalgrlgeons in active service shall not axceerk rn time of peace, one to one thousand five hundred of the sai_ personnel, and n0 dental surgeon shall render service other than temgrary service until his a pointment shall have been confirmed A by e Senate: Provided jurtfer, That Dental Corps officers of per- p¤i’ ¤•.'°' manent tenure shall be appointed from the Dental Reserve Corps membership in accordance with the said {provisions of the said Act, and all suc appointees shall be citizens 0 the United States between twenty-two and thirty· years of age, of Egod moral character of unquestionable professional repute, and fore appointment shall pass satisfactory iilgysical and professional examinations, and when appointed shall ta rank and precedence in the same manner in all h°°""'°" respects as in the case of appointees to the Medical Corps of the Navy an shall receive corresponding pay and allowances and, when they reach the age of sixty-four years, be entitled to retired pay. In all, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, $737,000. BUREAU or srrrrnuzs arm Accomrrs. “=¤••••r unli- Pnovrsrons, Navy: For provisions and commuted rations for the "°""°"*°'°· seamen and marines, which commuted rations may bepard to caterers of messes, in case of deathor desertioa upon orders 0 the commanding officers, commuted rationsfor 0 cers on sea duty (other commissioned omcers of the line, and Pay Corps, chaplarm, chief boatswains, chief dgunners, clnef carpenters, Ch16f_I!18GlJ1.D?;3 and chief sailmakers) an midshigmen and eommuted rations stop on account of sick inhospital an credited to the naval how ; subsistence of officers and men unavoidabl detained or a t from vessels to which attached under prders which subsrstenu rations to be stopped on board shrp and no t for commutation therefor to be given); and for subsistence of female nurses,_ N avy and Marine Corps general courts-martial rrsoners undegiging impraonment with sentences of dishonorable arqghirom service at the expiration of such confinement: Prqmdeir t the Secretary of g;_•f•_;_“_ _, N the N avy is authorized to commute rations or such eourta· ¤¤¤••¤pn¤¤•a martial prisoners in such amounts as seem to hun lproper, which pz; va in accordance with the location of the nava prison, but w ' shdh in no case exceed 30 centager diem for each muon so commuted; and for the purchase of Uni States Arm;} emergency rations as required; in all, $7,5%,441.75, to be availab until the close of the Hscal year ending June thirtioth, nineteen hundred and Eftecn: Pro- 87618°-vo:. 37-rr 1-59