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70 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 46, 47. 1912. num. f `d l ds `ded b exis laws: Provided, That sec- ¤¤ii:•.i°d mm °` titdnsslnallanlbt apspluotbl land njow Ieatgled for thedpurpose of mming coal or asphalt withm time seglruegated and reserv foarea herein descrrbegi oenve ences M S _ 7, Th t h · l' M1 1’0P6l'l7Y $0 eww g*"°¤°m’ hereriii is paid, tlive (grief exgcutives otpltlig two trigrespshall egrecute and deliver, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, to each purchaser an appropriate patent or instrument of conveyance conveym§` to the urchaser the pro rty so sold and all eonveyances e un er this Ent shall conv tg; fee in the land with reservation mad Gy to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Tribes of Indians of the coal and asphalt in such land, and shall contain a clause or clauses reciting and containing the reservations, restrictiom covenants, and conditions under which the said pro rty wm sold, as herein provided, and said conveyances shall specitiizeally provide that the reservations, l restrictiom, covenants and conditions therein contained shall run with the land and bind the Ograntees, successors, representatives, and "’°"#-·-·····~ ‘“°i‘”` °i.»."‘° §“"h.?°' .$H° ‘“’f,Q‘T£.i P1.'Z'5"ii1.;uf.h°“ $° "“{2 » chaser f an or as t ave e ng at myodtgegbdlldfoigeignddplayaurent is hglue http payththe fulgdpurchaie ‘ c co or t wr ru interes , ‘ dirldzoalqlll tliereuplgii besetrititled to gltient thergor, as provided.

 gg thSec. 8. That tiherii is hereby appropzrhrtleegi out of anyhmocrlreysnin

pn., e 'I‘reasury_ no o erwise appropna 0§1ng to e oc w and Chickasaw Tubes of Indians the sum of ty thousand dollars to a of the classification, a ra1sement.,' and sales herein “*""‘°""’°°°"‘· prolirided ior and the promds receivecfgom the sales of lands herenmder shall be pard mw the _Treasu1y of United States to the credit of the Choctaws and Cluckasaws and disposed of m accordance v°*· "· P· m with section seventeen of an Act entitled “An'Act to provide for the gm} dispositiplnfof thalaifairs of the Five- n'l}·rbes in Iuditailn `to oro u1jposes,"a`rov p'ten ', W- ¤•· ¤» ¤°’°· piiiglteelhy and aiid the Indiarilgppropriation Avgt aty-iloied March third nineteen hundred and eleven. pp

_,{’“··‘°"°°" Sm. 9. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby,

authorized to prescribe such rules, regulations, terms, and conditions not inconsistent with this Act as he may deem necessary to carry out its provisions, including the establishment of an office during the sale of this land at McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. ' Approved, February 19, 1912. ’°"'K'1·~*·t"" ¤i°.f;i;`§.1ril§5'ifc.‘i.$°a1;%”$m£i.?»iEi.$°riZii$ia°°i&:$Z`.’i° ‘° "“"“" "‘° ‘““° °‘ [Public, No. 92.] Be itanactedby the SenatemndHouaeqf of the United N2}-;l;°i¤ ¤¤¤·•¤¢ States of Amenba in ascem6le¢l, That section one of the Act vox, ul p. ¤¤. entitled "An Act to srmp 1fy, the issue of enrollments and licenses of “"°°‘°"· vessels of the United States, approved April twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and six, is hereby amended by striking out the words "of umu M tweritglzet rieguztilergpns pir over}; sosethat it Cried as follows: m ¤ · ‘ un_er e recono e c dTbe msugmtvduiin ur- theComrnissioner of Navigation ishereb§*€$lfh<i)rizedlIdbd]¢l °""*°“· tigneg teutrngéadtg consgidpte int? one document in the case of any vessel · .ote ni eormoeurollmt 'bedhsecti frt- "i]·.=ie§¤¤.•¤L three hundred and nineteen of the Re$i1;e§rS!:aFtrdtes add thd)i’]or<in gf license prescribed by section forty-three hundred and twenty-one·of !£l10R8VlB0d Statutes, and such consolidated form shall hereafter be issued to a_vessel of the United States in lieu of the separate enrollment and license now prescribed by law, and shall be deemed sufficient compliance with the reqmrements of laws relating to the subjeet.” Approved, February 29, 1912. . `