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908 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 148. 1913. . `dbard eltdurmg` th fCngress.The nses mwmm ii? theomemnbziis oticthe board §h%a(il8li)ei1t‘l1eir°actual expeiasegpgvhile engagediupon dutnasaeis members of saigl ns? to exceeg $5 eir actu 0 tra y e ortest me ,{,*,.‘,:§',°;,,, A roultgiz Iggmgilded, That so mug of chapterxsixty-eight, Statutes at wma M Prugixw Large, volume twenty, page two hundred and ninety, as is i.uc0n,sist— ` ent with the provisions of this Act is hereby rialpealed. _ ¤l>¤*¤~ Eigpenses of the _B0ard of Visitors of the aval Academy, being aetu expenses while eng?ed upon duties as members of the boar not to exceed $51 o; dayl ari l£a1;:'tue£lu•;xpetp.lses_of Savzll by téhe shortest mxulroutesan or er e, oermcen an necessary expenses ofithe board $500. S¤v•¤¤¤•¤°°¤*— or conti.u§;ncies for the superintendent of the academy, to be explendedin discretion, $2,000. all, current and rmseellaneous expenses, $43,500. _ ¥·*¤¤¤•¤=°- Manrmzuxccz arm nxrams, Navn. Acanmn: For general mam— tenance and repairs at the Naval Academy namely; or necessag r?>au·s of public buildings, wharves, and walls inc1osing the groun gootge Naval Acanllgny, xrzigrgvemsndtk repairs, and iixtuaes; for periodicals, psme,an wmgs·\1rchaseanrea1r of engines; Hre appairatus and pgsants; machiiinery; purchase Kind maintenance of all horses vehnc for use at the academy; and plants, and repairs of the same; stataonery; furniture .0r Government buildings and oilieee at the academy; coal and other fuel; candles, o1l,_and gas; attendance on lightpnd power plants; cleaning and clearing up station and care of bunldmgs; attendance on fires, lights, Ere en%ues, fire apparatus, and plants, teleph0ne,

.elegrapl};;'gmdtA3l0ch systeipenp; mc1dex;
)al}Slabo(1i;fadvert1s1.i?, wats;

ax,pos e, eones, egrams, ,anerneawnings; packing llioxes; fuel for heating anddightiriig hanESme·1$s quarters; pay of inspectors and draftsmen; music, musical and astromn nomneal mstruments; and for the pty of employees on leave, $350,000. Rent of buildings for the use 0 e ac emy, and commutation of renltlfx l§nds=nXr;;3t $8 gegggxgggh each, $4,116. , eva emy, , . "¤*¤·°°¤* Maxxum conrs. §‘,{,;,,,_,,,,,,,,,L,,_ Par, Mamim Cours; For pay and allowances prescribed by law of pifficersneiln gre acggve list, mcluding clerks for assistant paymasters, ve nn 56 5 . °‘°"°""‘ Ear pay of officers prescribed by 1aw,_on the retired list: For two major generals, six bngadier generals, six colonels, seven lieutenant colonpilsii teamagtrgrs, sgrteen captamtsértwelveigiirstdhteutenauts; four secon eu nan an onepa as s {-5 h may be placed thei1p0n th:xye:;giipglii]dii;rg!j•I?;ucgi.i:‘;m:•sned Yin; as 18 now or may ere rovn r, assiped to active duty, $181,6%.50. or rc 0 rs regularly gg*_•¤u_*g=¤· Pay of enlnsiied merges active list: {gy of noncommissioned officers musxmans, am pnva , as ° l d th ’ enlisted men shall be exclusliissshlil thoseyuricig ming iriigilrislelinbiiiiextii with sentence of dxshonorable discharge fromrgh service at ex i. ‘ iijaticgxdoétgiich coniinement, and for the expenses of clerks of Sie

ti al tes Marme Corps travcling under orders, and including

on compensation for enlisted men of the Marine Corps r - larly detailed as gun capxtains, gun omters, mess sergeants, com,

 gngnalmen, or oldiulg good?-conduct medals, pins, or bers,

ofcdu mg interest on deposits y enlisted men, post-exchange debts _l:erters, under such rules as the Secretary o the Navy may presen , and the authorized travel allowance of discharged enlisted men