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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 148. 1913. 909 and for prizes for excellence in nne exercise and thet racti both aiioat and ashore. In all,€2,95?l)76. ug P cs, Ifor pay and allowances prescribed by law of enlisted men on the mmm retired list: For three sergeants major, one drum major, twenty-six iisnuery sergeauts, twenty-seven quarjtermaster sergeants, thirt -six t sergeants, sixty-three sergeanis, eighteen corporals, twenty iratclass musicians, one drummer, one trumpeter one fifer and twenty- giggrgggtes, and for those who may be retired during the fiscal year, Uridrawn clotlung` : For a enttodischarged soldiers for clothing ummm seems, undrawn, $125,47Q. P ym Mileage: For mileage to omcers traveling under orders without ““°'¥°'°°“°°”· trciops, $55,000. _ f f or commutation o quarters o officers on du without troo °°¤¤¤*·¤¤¤2 sf where there are no public quarters, $42,000. ty PS 3¤t_¤p?•. ”°m`°°”`"°°` Par or orvp. moacn: In the oilioe of the major general comman· °"" °'°’· dant: One chief clerk, at $2,000; oneclerk, at $1,400; one messenger °‘f..".l;”2s fa. , On .1...; ak, I ceo a : e c at$2000; oneclerk at $1,500; one clerk, Et $1 200. , , In the office of the axljutant and inspector: One chief clerk, at $2 000· one clerk, at $1,500; one clerk, at $1,400; ODD clerk, $1,200. ln the omoe of the gluartermasterz One chief clerk, at $2,000; one clerk, at $1,500; two erks, $1,400 each; two clerks, at $1,200 each; one draftsman, at $1,800: In the office of the assistant quartermaster, San Francisco, California: One chief clerk, at $1,800. ' In the office of the assistant quartermaster, Philadel hia, Penns lvania: One chief clerk, at $1,800; one messenger, at &40; in the guartermastefs Department, for duty where their services are ree}-gired, four clerks at $1,400 each. M all for pay of civil force, $35,711.28, and the mow herein °”"°""°‘ specifically appropriated for pay of the Marine_Corps sh be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law as pay of the Marine (Boas, and for that puxépose shall constitute one fund. ln all, pay, arine Corps, $4,50 ,296.78. nnmuuancm, quan·n:mns·mn’s Dnraarnmwr, MARINE conrs. Pnovrsrorzs, Mamma Cours: For noncommissioned officers, musi- '°'°"`*°“` cians, and privates serving ashore; subsistence and lodging of men when travelitxég on uty, or cash in lieu thereof· commutation of rations to enlis men regularly detailed as clerks ahd messen€;¤rspayment of board and lodging of applicants for enlistment while eld under observation, recrnuts, and recruiting parties; transportation of provisions, and the employment of necessary labor connected therewith; ice for omces and preservation of rations, $890,000. No law shall be construed to entitle enlisted men on shore duty to any rations or commutation therefor other than such as are now or may _ _ hereafter be allowed enlisted men m the Army: Provided, however, *"°""°*N, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ That when it is impracticable or theexgfnse is found greater to sup- ¤¤¤g¤¤- ly marines on shore duty m the island possessions and on Potosi? stations wi the Army ration, such marines may be allowed hmhuu, 0, _,,,,_ the avy ration or commutation therefor: Provided, That hereafter g{:_¤¤¤r=·1¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤. so much of this a propriation as may be necessary may applied for the purchase, lfor sale to officeis, enlisted men, and civilian employees, of such articles of subsistence stores as may from time to time be designated and under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secret of the Navy. _ _ _ _ Cnorumo, Ennis Cours: For noncommxssxoned officers, musi- C*°*l¤¤8· cians, and privates authorized by law, $675,000.