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SIXTY-SECOND OONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 149. 1913. 913 gmetesgis hundggl and thirteen, and for prior years, and for other E . Exmun The accounting officers or the Treasm-_§ are authorized ,1,-,,,,, w¤¤¤·¤ ¤. cm:. to credit in the accounts of Williami . Crook, disbiilrgiing cleti:1 Ummm wml Executive Office the 811111 of Q505 disallowed by the Auditor for thd State and other lkpartmenip m his accounts of disbinsements for the quarters ended June_thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eleven and March thnty-first, nineteen. hundred and twelve on accouiit of expense mcurregl in painting the walls and woodworl: of the rooms in the Wmder Building occupied by the Commission on Economy and To mahe the salary of the Secretary to the President at the rate of u%.°°°°°°°"'°’ $7,500 per_ annum {rom March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen ,,¥Q““" ‘° "'°' ’°· to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, inclusive, $3,312.50, mus. and hereafter said salary is fixed at the rate of $7,500 per annum. I The cost of printing Senate Document Numbered One thousand one B¤¤¤·* ¤·¤·•s•= hundred and thirteen of this session shall be cb¥ed wholly to and ing°ym°°° '°° Pd"' paid out of any balance unexpended arch fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, of the appropriation for the Pres1dent’s Commission on Economy and Eiliciency. Hereafter the Executive shall not extend or accept any invitation ‘¤*¤¤;§_¤¤¤ ¤<·¤- to plarticggte in any international congress, conference, or like event, miirtiiurty eqoaee wit out t having specific authority of law to do so. "'P‘“i"'*""°"· DEPARTMENT or STATE. ”°*’°"""‘“‘°'°”*"- Grams or Aimmcax crrrzrms Fos Lossns nv SAMOA is nrenrmm: %'§""""{",§}",{‘,,,,,,,,_ nmvnnnn AND N1N¤·rr-Num: For the payment of the amounts found V¤{¤;'?P· WM by the Secretary of State to be due to American citizens for losses gowine out of the joint naval operations of the United States and reat Britain in and about the town of Apia, Samoan Islands, in eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, the King of Sweden, by an international award, having found the United States and Great Britain to be responsible for such losses, $14,811.42. Pmmnrrr ·r0 PANAMA UNDER TREATY or Novmmmn mon·rm:N*ru, A,{},§‘,’{'**,m_nm_ xixsrnsu nmmnnn AND rnnnn: To enable the Secretary of State to voi.»il°1»-nn pag to the Government of Panama the first annual payment due on e ruary twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, rom the Govemment of the United States to the Government of Panama under the treaty of November eighteenth, nineteen hundred and three, $250,000. mmmm, mm IN·rmmA·r1oNAL izaoiorrnmneizarmc conrsizmxcsz To meet thzpro monspmo oonreem. rata share of the United States in the necessary expenses of the r 'o- §’,',,2,f},‘j‘$;,_'°· tel a hic service of the International Telegraph Bureau at Berne, foregiellast half of the iiscal year mneteen hundred and thirteen, $200. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. m;'Z°°°” °°"‘"’ The sums of $49,300 and $18,000 are appropriated to pay, during i¤§'$.t'Z`€5i"'”“""° the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen the salaries of clerks Ogg g{{*;g;g¤,& and others and miscellaneous ex(penses in the offices of the Auditor for Pont om momthe Post Office Department an the ffreasurer of th_e United_States mm ' respectively, provided for in the legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation Act for the year nmeteen_ hundred and fourteen, to [be paid from the appropriation for establishing and maintaining postal savings depositories: _ _ Supp;-essing counterfeiting and other crimes: To supply a defi- ,,§§,,_"',g‘$‘T”‘°°'”‘°”" ciency in tggo appropriation or suppressing counterfeiting and other crimes, $3, ·