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914 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. cs. 149. ma. r¤w¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- V mmm numnmes. ` °l•**¤*·°’·*°~ Cleveland Ohio t Hiee tomhouse and courthouse: To make pzgnent for gxtrayvgi and deemed necessary dnring progress of the work oieonstruchon, $60. _ ¤¢ To balance for rmt of temporary uarters at Cleyeland, Ohm, · for of Government o%sials.Irom October thirty- iirst to twentysecond, nineteen and ten, $5,033.94. ,,,,,-,,_~_ Fuel, lights, and water for public buildmgs:_To pay Ambrose B. Stannard, the sum gsyenng final palyfmalnt ggséhziln under has zontraet Ig1éI.t0?C8llfo1'D::, on account of gre appropriation , and _ qu? water for public buildingsi nineteen hundred and ten," 8200. __,_*•*¤•* equipment or publ; paymen1;c:lf venous em nnectmn meclmn equipment · the year nineteen hundred

n§l1:n, and an addrtuon to the appropriation for that final year,

1 .7 . · T make ymmtofvar1ous' emergency ditt¤:ee` connect' wit£themel::¤ani=al toipublic fort1l:‘e£scalyTe$:I:· I ‘ nimteenhundredand nndaaanaddntmntotlneapproprnatnen mm md for that heal year, $16.96: _ A ud 1,,,.,- expenses o ablae : otkority hy theSecretaryeftlmTrI;asuryt»gpay rown,Bav1da¤dN¤¤§ara·.rrthe· ‘

u$ of $4.39, from also fo1;’“G¤ngal

I m i forbidsmconnectismwiththeconsl¤·uetinnof mmsion o a um or v expenses ew o ¤···¤·•· °°%`m°°°’Le·A r mein; £¤omN Y1-k,N York,l;oyHono1ulu?11';C·;waii, and return, under departmental instru); tions of nineteen hundred and ten, {312.67. _ h ’•g,{;{1 •¤* _ Washington, District of Columbia, Bureau of Engraving and Punt-

·¢v¤n¤. ang: So much of the Act of Congress approved August twenty-fourth,

‘ Mmmm zmmstzxaw s2£i‘.?‘»‘:8.? mz °* **·· r r Y lu P0!. be amended so_ as to make such nlongy available for the installation oi , vaulta, vault limngs and fittings, an electrical protection complete. ll':} •°° •**•¥ imrrs nm near orncns. "“*•*P'**~’P- The ofthanna1assaymmmsne"fthiiscal'* nineteen andothirtgen may bggpaid the epmpriaytioetrl “Qont1nqent- expenses, mint at Plnlad phia, mneteen?undred and °""""*"'·°"· Theincidmtalmdcontingent xpensesofth iine;·y‘ th S b1l‘:an2§eefmLfingor the Hscaltyear ggfjieen hundsecllu and thilrlteenemx; m e a ro na 1on " t ° p _ 'mmtewplpmgtedmd nm€en expensee,mmtatSan """"""""" oonucrme mnmnr. uvmrur:.

  • "‘*'*'°" Tosup adeiiciencyin theapro`tiof salaries d ·

pwsee ofpgrty rcvemue agents pr0$idel:ln?or llly(l1aw, and f; gd gases of g·ga11gers£50sal·(¤;.•r1es and expenses of storekeepers and m"°¤-"°" To snplply a giieiency in the appropriation for miscellaneous expenses, te3·nal—Bevenue Service. including all objects of expendi- §¤uY:d:e\:i¢h·?1¥é¤¢d_ 1H Belglipoggopnauon for the fiscal year nineteen