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916 srxrr-snc0Nn oomnnse sae. m. cn. 149. nm. ,,,,,,,,,;,,,,1., Oemmaree Oommissio to o t the "°'°°°* as bT0t;n3l)1thteh;cIt1t::1:1§tli•?1 "An Act to amend ah Actuelnlyitleld ‘An Am,} ml gclzczo regulate mmmmay a ved February fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven,aud agggts amendatory thereof by providing for a valuation of the severalolasees of property of earners subgect thereto and seeming information concerning their stocks, bonds, and other securities," approved March first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $100.000- DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. neumumaunna. ,_,,,. E350 : f been 'th f additional '°"‘°` . ,,..$§3 of §t;".§.‘,‘1?m.I‘§»"i.Z Léad ZE ¤¥"%,‘E1ek in at assessor’s office, District of O0lumbia._ _ Q,-¤,,.,,,,,,,,,, mm rxrmvsmz F additio al amount uired for contingmt of the govegment of the Columbia for the years, as follows: _ _ For nineteen liundred ang nme, F nmeteen an eight . F etecu SK . ¤¤¤¤¤¢'•¤¤¤¤ ‘ Cghonxzxags orrrugzz For additiofngal amount freqmred tgfialest the b' torth' appropriation reontm§en expenses corol’1el·’°:‘:Hte, nineteen hundred an twelve, $1Q0. M¤¢¤•¢· Gmmnn. anvmrrsmez For amount requgred to mwt A iL‘Jl’.."'.¤°}’“‘”.,. ax“‘2.§‘&’w¤.“°““0.x‘1...‘éZ`I..“o...d“"“‘¤°‘tl‘c‘£°.€§ changes in regulations, fiscal year nineteen hundred and ive, $9. putus mum. Fam Pusmo Lmaaar: For amount required to meet the 0b'ects set forth H1 a proprmtion for thexpenses of the Free Plublic Library, Hsu? year nmeteen hun and ten, $1.67. emamugum. Comnmmirron cg Fo1éa$;itional amount reqitigrelli {or condemnation o stree ro an ys year mne un munnmumuu. m g§l51;·?(k1zn so main, or sranms am: Avmmrs: For addi- °'° amount for payment of costs and egrpeuses of condemnation proceedmgs, taken pmsuant to the followmicsubhc Acts, to wx 0 ens urg 0 an 0 o er pur- ,.., ”°.§’.'3ii‘l.‘Z'}°"’2¤f‘°“”*.LZ°·"°'°§"1€·.‘i“...¤°‘ "%° D"`&"‘§3°* 4 i"$‘”’§ %°* °*·P· ““-M. poses, apprgzed ganuary ninth, nineteenhundredland seven, $263.39. mlwmnwk mu- _ An Act for the openin,E>0f connecting highways on the east and west

  • •`;$_33'p_ m stfes of thetbZool0gxtg:lu hukdreqimmgtfg Cgglglliléll, approved April

mghl; , mne un an ur, . . iam mu sua. ru. Item: For additional amount reguired for exg€nses of céondemnation in the matter of the widening 0 Adams Mill oad, $4. 5. °"'”· Smwrms: For additional amount required for purchase or condemnation of oil way for c;_>n§u·uction, maintenance, and repair of bli , ears as 0 0ws: puFo;;ei1l;?e·en hlinmged and four, $72. Pawn-at For ninemgn an;1 three, :27.952 f I d ms: or ona amoun mred or re acem t reglair of public scales, $150. P tm an F·*¤¤¤*=¤¤°PP'¤ LEIUIRICAII; D?ru£uE°t{r:t1l•i‘ol;·l additional tamigcuaxit required for nersuesoreeccemtme, 'tee

 . . E?*{:;,**""’ “‘§,;ig"”* ‘%°‘2°;.a- al P n lm me n

rg ec no co s, gmc oons: or ntl n t uired ”°°”’ m` repairs to and changes in(plumll)ingina.I3•;ln?s1Iltingr31eel bui)lldih1§fE.els-sl m year nineteen hundred an len, $373.52: Prmded, That any alancm vu.¤¤,p¤¤e I-emainmgfinggm a.ppr0pnations_for the equlipment of the extension to . Western School and equipment 0 ormal School Numbered