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SIXTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sus. HI. Ch. 149. 1913. 917 One, approririated by the Act of March second, nineteen hundred and gzivenlé are ereby made available for the purchase of pianos for said oo . Cormmra Iusrrrurion ron mn Dan: For additional amount °°{,‘?“"‘ “‘“""

 for expense attending the instruction of deaf persons um mm"`

admitted to the olumbia Institution for the Deaf from the District of Columbia, $700. Mmraorouran rouon: For additional amounthmuired for main- H‘"’°' *’°"°" tenanoe of harbor patrol fiscal éear nineteen hun and tau, $3.40. sgggg Dsrsxrrumurz lior ad tional amount required for forage, m'°°°*"""""‘ For additional amount required for house and furniture for truck comspsy m southeastern section of city in square numbered nine hun and twenty-five, $12.50. Hum Hnanm pnraanmurz Contagious-disease service: Provwed, That mm. ' the limitation of $10,000 for salaries or compensation for isonal Y°¤°;** ;¤'*¤I= services the appropriation for the prevention of the spreadtf con- gys°lia¤:J °°° tagious diseases, year mneteen hundred and thirteen, in the District of Columbia appropriation Act a proved June twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve, is increasedp to $12,000. mm Public cfematory: Fo; additional fatiiiounq) for mainte- ml" nance, mc uding person services, o e u `c cremato $500. Poucm oomrr numnmo: For additional) amount to pay t¤£°u°° °°°“ hm coslts incideng tlp condemnation of additional gound for site for new —po `ce court u' dmg' , $50.40. I I II III Wasumoron Asrum ann Jan.: For additional amount required A for payments to destitute women and children, $2,500. su M, I Surronr or rmsounnsz For additional amount required for main- W tenance of gil prisoners of the District of Co umbia at the Washington ylum and Jail, including pay of guards and all other ggcgssary personal services, and for support of prisoners therein, , 00. Comnmsra Hosrrran ron Woumr AND LY1No-IN Asrum: For afiiigdisli Hmm additional amount required for_ the care and treatment of indigent patients, under contract made with the Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum by the Board of Charities, fiscal yearmineteen hundred and twelve, $1,267.80. _ Fm n _II _ IN Cmrraar. Dxsrnusanr ann Eusnomxcr Hosrrranz For additional .i,.§{",l {$2, `" ' amount required for emergency care and treatment of, and free disens service to, indigent patients under a contract made with the Contig Dispensary an Emergency Hospital, fiscal year nmeteen hun ired an thirteen (Act June twenty-sixtl1, mneteen hundred and twelve, volume thirty-seven, page one hundred and seventy-two, section one), $2,500. _ D Easrman Drsrmtsanrz For additional amount required for emer- E”°°"° ""N "' gency care and treatment of, and free service to, mdxgent gatients under a contract made with the astern Dzspensary by the oard of Charities, $1,500. _ _ ,¤d_ImI‘I IIIWIN Isnusrman Honra Scnoor. ron Cownzn Cmmnmnz For additional eamred cmam. amount required for maintenance, including purchase and care of horses, wagons, and harness, $1,750. _ Hmm Im, umm Hosrrrsi:. ma rm-: Ixsarmz For additional amount required for inasgmzpums support of indigent insane of the District of Columbia in_ the Government Hospital for the Insane, in said District, as provided by law, $35v00O* . Deposit of rdm- Hereafter all collections or reimbursements on account of charges mmnzaemm. paid or payable by the District of Columbia for the care and support of the insane of said District at the Government Hospital for the Insane shall be made to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia and covered into the Treasury of the United States to the credit of