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930 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sms. III. Ch. 149. 1913. ` &Dd0t·l1B1'Si1'll'¤l18S4%1’Vll%00i,l’•ll6SGI1B·'l’»G, forthefiscslyearmneteen ndred d thirteen. . ‘ °*¤¤ •¤¤ *•¤°¢ huFor tb1?» clerks at $2,000 each per annum and eleven stenogrsphers °°h°°`°°°-°°°` at $1,200 each annum to Senators are not chairmen of eom~ mittees, from fougth to Jnmbgthxrtaeth, hundred and 1;hn·men‘ ereo as ma necessmiy . umm. mm. To pa, W. Farrar forindeing an extra as clerk °°"*°“ to g (gmmittee on Pensions, Sixty-second Congress, tlnrd session, $1 . Mus, ¥- ‘°’*· To pay Dennis H. Kerr for services as asdstant clerlrby detail to the Committee on Pensions Sint?-second Congess, third session, $1,000. ggggg ’•”°*°· To pay James F. Beliorgh or services ta:lsecr:3tIs;ry$2to5the mmissm to t\gate` neumatie- 2 . Semin ¤1•·=•¤¤¤ mSenate Electildhollases: Toognable the Secreptgy ofsysthe Shnate to °'r'?q¤¤¤;¤u••a pay, upon vouchers approved by the present chan-man of the Qqm- •*”“°¤· mittee on Privileges and Elections for preparing a revised edition ofSmateElectionCam,bring1ngt:l1esune down to theclose of the Sixty-second Congress, as directed Senate resolution of January eighteenth, nineteen lnmdredand thirteen, $1,000, or so much thereof asmaybenecessary,and_sa1dsum,oranyplnrtthereo£,1nthed1s· eretion of the present chairman of the Committee on Privileges and Elections, may be paid as additional compensation to any employee of the United States, and shall continue to be available during the iiscal year ending June mneteen hundred and fourteen; me ForsixteenpagesfromApnliirsttnJuneth1rheth,nmeteunhundredBa;1dthirteen,bothdatesinclusive,$3,600,oreoumehthereofas ma necessary · Hom- •¤¤ ¤•¤ { Ixvrexpensglsoimaintainingmdeqnippinghmsandmaiwagons “'°°‘ or carrying e mails $500. gxlcw www To reimburse the official reporters of the proceedings and debates °° of the Senate forlatzpmses incurred from July Em nineteen hundred gag twglvm Mtn fourth, ninetee1; thirteen, for clerk ¤g_2¤¤¤*·• •¤¤ Fozntlie Calgtolz For repairs, inipnivenients, and uipment for Senate kitchens and restaurants C:pitolBuj1ding andsgenate Dice Building, including personal and 0 er services, to be expended by I the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Grounds, under the sécpplrvxswn of ttlggn 03 gtules, Senate, for the year mne un an ourteeni , . s.s¤¤$s!n. T B. St `A tf t tical domed` we- .m..,T° "$Z..§t;..agm?’?§.;£l c1‘2L.?3‘»5.l¤,°;25(¥ °°"‘°°° "" lm sums cmu-. o pa e ar es r com tl ' ¤,,Q°'JJ""‘,Q,,,,_"`,,',_{"°"‘* ment toy the compilation gnti (;rCc:1I:*Ie]i11:i•€nI;,8uIl’nl:e:; national Acts, and Protocols between the United States and Other Bowers, seventeen and scvmty-six to nineteen hundred and mnfff Eder gglutxon ofitgos Senate.(Sena(;e resolution three hundred an , y-secon , secon session, $1,500. o.n.sp•¤uu¤!,r. G.°§. g ulding, $500; F. { J hnso , $500; d J. D. Pres ?,.{‘2.Q'?°"""° ‘°‘ $370,_ for lgrvices re¤dered_ to the Colxhmittee ao]; Privileges ::3 ¤¤**¤••~ Elections making investigation of the amount of mens paid to National and Copgemnonal campaign committeess of all litical parties, and so fo from November enghth, nineteen hundl:)d and

the electron of November fifth, mneteen hundred and twelve,

él;!"v::'1‘·¢kr1r- u0lEd;·¤;rhi1°'l‘. Clark, for in connection with the preparalmmxgratmn . 1¤¤¤v¤ R¤e¤l¤¤. Pay to Joseph Reardon for extra clerical services rendered to the °m"”`“°" HonorableObadiahGardne, fMain fro Oc Dgcgm. ber first, nineteen hundred and eleve1f,,$20lI)l wher im. to