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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sm. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 931 nousn or smmnsrmnrrvze. A umemmme hT§ pay tgrahwirlglog; $00. C. Anderson, late a Representative from $»;$‘{2“..i‘§':$‘]‘ t tate , , . 91`o ayothe widow of Richard F. Connell, late a Representative $'l,§;,,°‘{"““‘ from the State of New York, $7,500. _ can E mm To pay the widow of George H. Utter, late a Representative from rmymmaow. the State of Rhode Island, $7,500. _ ,_ ,,_ Iam To pay the widow of J. G. McHenry, late a Representatrye from P•y¤»wu•».° the State of Pennsylvania $7 500. _ . w. w. w•¤•q•. To ay the widow of Wedemeyerylate a Representative nywwww. from tie State of Micggan, $7 500. _ a c. sum. To pay the widow S. C. Smith, late a Representative from the ruywwmw. State of California, $7,500. ‘ . name ups. To the widow of George S. Legare, late a Repreeentatrye menu:. from tlizgtate of south Carolina, mano. |__‘___. For allowances to the following contestants and conteetees for‘ esrnnn . °” expermes mcurred by them rn contested-electron cases, as audited md OD EIBQUUDL Idqh W, yggu, Raymond;]. ilodoiir, $i,200; _ 2:,,,, ,_ €0(6l'g B I4;%a:)bor· hm legal representatryes, $1,500; L c_ ,,,,,_ . . er , · 4-... nm,. Thomas E.'KlBD6§, $2,000; Richard Bartholdt, $2,000-; cur-:. nn. Charles J. Maurer, $1,000; rurrrx r. Gill. Patrick F. Gi]],_ $2,000; ·ru¤¤¤ L Catlin. Theron E. Catlm, $2,000; ¤.m·r>.rr¤c¤¤y. Geo D. MeCreary, $1,884.85; rmxr-r.1r•wu¤. Fra§6H. Hawkins, $1,005.22; nur. imp. Dick T. Mo , $225; o»r;•n.x¤r.•¤. Geo R. Hm, $2,000; c¤n••c.n¤•¤•a ’ , ,1. . _ _ _ , A••utaetrI.¤rkA .°§i.% 2°;*a·:·¤· ”·°°°; For assistant clerk to the Committee on Appropriations, authozzed gzwuebm ¢¤·¤¤K by resolution of the I·}io;iseh€rom January IEv!L¢;ltgg;fl;‘Bu;; d;_¤:1°*::3 {0%*; dred and thirteen, an or 6 YW th te { sr s00~ ummm $2 595- ,,,...,.., w°'1?•i tfontianirfe the einplogri-ent of ieverr mxcngemh gzswflgj-t' J, °“ "°°° montheach, m theposto cepf thqH0ug¤0 jm hundma md April first;5tg01:ovember· thrrtreth, mclusrve, umu I Mn F ririseellarieous imma md of special md ¤¤l¤¤* °°m· •*~

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B y . ' Porogsiiscal ;ear nineteen hundred and thirteen, $756%,0. For the year nineteen hundred_mdft‘és{1•:,1vs•;gg0§29 gm. hmm For furniture, and materials for reparrslzbls _ » dw » you ,,,,,,,,,, _ For to contggugoav during fwd mn d miz? unsdiar the reeolutioir of the Hogse of Repr;•;e¤t¤·¤V¤¤ ¤•¤••¤“”"°* ' ggggn In r §°.ipi2§i.u°°¢.i.`Sri'»$`i»i§y°ifrr¤it}¤¤ `iira E tg: ih}11 tg; R resentatives in accommodating and seatu:5 the m rs_0 GP S` -thirdCongres••.ndtodo suehothertlrmgsas Home of the may th re eration of the Hall of R rssentatwes for ·'1‘·’é’—~·¤··"° “°€°¤°§;?‘¥f’“€h· °;'·¥~m,;-rm °·;.¤¤~·...,..· g.“"§%..;‘§‘.1‘;$£L..‘% ::1 gm Q H0l;k:0?0R¢PT$°¥i>;1*6t:“r $25’000° • · [dt bulklhg. Th: Mdtby building is to the control of the eommrsrobrg ILP:-wlmdwwd in charge of the House Office Burldrng and rooms therein shall