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932 SIXTY-SECOND oomnnss. sms 111. ou. 149. 1913. assigned for use of Members of the House of Resresentatives who I can not be accommodated in the House Office Bu ding in the_ same manner and under_ the same eondrtnons as rooms are assigned m the House Office Building. _ _ Home can mud- For the construction of additional rooms at the House Office °*""*‘“"‘* ‘°°“"‘ B“"‘“3§1““".{°’ °‘JS‘ &‘° °‘°" "‘*'*’°&’i. °&;‘i°°¥°ds*h°h°""°h’ 6°eb° en un er mmimon m n 0 e ouse ce gxniilding, $22(E70,_to continue available until egended. _

**,*•~ ,m, To pay Sou Tumble, Clerk of the House of epresentatxves, the

asa M amount guegor rgucompilinugf srrarigrng go; the pragr, read- ¤’*·¤ roo, in o 'ony,s ogra yan ypewri su — %gn of the worg, and expenses in the contested_electih61is of the Sixty-second (ingress, as authorized 3 an Act ent1tled_"An Act relating to contes elections," approv March second, ightem hundred and eighty-seven, the sum of $2,153.90, and an_ d1- tional sum of $1,400 to such xsons as were actually engaged m_the work designated by the said _ th Trimble, lll such proportions

3 he rggy deem gust for assistance rendered m the work; in all,

°•*¤·P¤·¤•¤** may the official reporters of debates #40 each and the stenog-


actually expended b them for clerical assistance from July first nineteen hundred and twelve, to March fourth, nineteen hundred and ¤•¤=¤f¤¤ Hm To eéaiihigkwome of the Clerk of the Houseof Representatives °"“"°°°°°°'°' the amount paid fourteen messengers in the House post office on account of the last four days in the month of August, nineteen hundred L·'*·B*··*•- o ay . . e orin eju`ci e or euseo m:I1‘twclvdA$§6$el f dexing th dr al cod f th f B-“°°‘ the Colinmittee on the Judiciary, $200. _ Wait mr liens Afterhiarchfourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen those members E,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of the Committee on Vgraiys and Means who are_Members elect of the ¤¤»¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤¤¢¤¤- House to the Sixty-th _ Congress, or a ma ority of them, until the nn meeting of the first session of the Sixty-third Congress, and the Committee on We and Means during the first session of that Congress, are authorized to emplg such expert, clerical, and stenographrc services, and to gathusu information, through Govemment agents or otherwise, as to them may seem fit in the preparation of a hill or bills for the revision of the present tariff law; and they are authorized to have such printing and inding done, and to incur such otheraxpenses as may be deemed necessary; all the expenses hereunder except for printing and binding, not exceeding $10,000 shall be paid out of the contingent fund of the House on the usual vouchers approved as now provided bylaw. C0'{_*;_°{*g__·f °¤*¤·¤¤** After March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, those members uEi¤s1;¤¤¤s•m&_§1d¤icg o; ttllie o1g;:xl1%Distric&pf Columbia who are Memlbers elect ,;._ o e ouse e — , or ama'orit of em, until the meeting of the first session of lie Sixt -third Coy and the Comnnttee on the District of Columbia during the first session of that Congress, areauthorized to expend, for the purposes stated, and under the conditions stipulated rn the resolutions of the House numbered one hundred and fifty-four, two hundred, five hundred and thirty-six, adopted June first, sixth, and twelfth, res tively, nineteen huncgred twalveiuplut of the conti§ent fundxhl the House, asumno ex e anceunexgend onMarchf ' teen hundred , of the w ole amount autho‘i·i]z¥dfd1’tl;m}?é expended under said resolutions. ,_{_"‘“°**'Y °°””¤“· fltfhmdlgmhticgcmth, ngnetyeen hundred and thirteen, those members Hxpensmuumnc o e mm1 on e ud1c1ary` who are members-elect of the Iu·,1sta¤im¤dCm- . . 1 _ _ pt. House to the Sixty-third Congrem, or a majority of them, until the