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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. C11. 149. 1913. 933 meeting of the first session of the Sixty-third Con , and the Comm1ttee_on the Judic1a1?*_ during the first session oi that Congress, are authorized to expend or experts, accountants, and clerical and other assistants for the purposes stated m House resolution number four hundred and eighty-six out of the contixent fund of the House a sum not in excess 0 the balance unexpend under said resolution. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. ,,,g * Frm- _ Holidays: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the provi- H°““” sions of the lawtgranting holidays and the Executive order ting half holidays wi pay to the employees of the Government Oilice, $16,200. Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the """" °"‘*°‘°‘· provisions of the law granting thirty days' annual leave to the emplciyees of the Government Printing Office, $10,750. or payment to Samuel Robinson, William Madden, and Joseph w‘{}2,?“x,§§f,§",‘;,· De Fontss, as memengers on mght duty during the present session of ’¤¤=P¤ D•¤‘¤¤¤i Congess, for extra services, $700 each; in all, $2,100. For the public printing; for the_ public binding, and for paper for ;,.,IQ'°'°l""““""’ the public and inding, mcludingbtbe cost of the 1’¤in&¤¤•¤· debates an proceeding of Congress in the ngressional , and for the hthograaplnng, mapping, and engraving for both Housu of Congress; for s aries, com nsation, or wages of all necessary CID.- ployees; rents, fuel gas, eixstric current, gas and electric iixtums, an ice; bicycles, electrical vehicles, and the care and driving of the same; freight, exprossagle, telegraph and telephone service, and all othe; items Orégeded in the prosecution, delivery, and mailing of the wor , $268, . For the Interstate Commerce Commission, $10,000. c:¤:n”f==C”°-_ Junomzurs, uurrnn STATES oounrs. ¤·l..°"‘”‘*'·¤. ""“‘ For a ent of the final 'ud ents and decrees, including costs of $",,{‘}f“*_ M suit, wqiiglrilhave been rendereglnimder the provisions. of the Act of P March third, eigiteen hundred and eightly-seven, entitled "An Act to provide for the ringing of suite against the Government of the United ntates," certified to Congress at its present session by the Attorney General in House Document Numbered Thirteen hundred and seventy-four, and which have not been appealed, namely: _ Under War Department, $2,958.10;_ *‘““"”°‘“°‘ Under the Department of the_Inter1or, $4,I;{79.80· In all, $7,337.90; together with such additional sum as may be necessary to pay interest on the rupectivetgudgments at the rate of four per centum pelrd annum from the date ereof until the time this appropriation is m e. _ pgorppayment of `ucgnent against the Government of the United ogg} °°""“"" States m favor of the bridge Steamship{Com any (Limited), certified to Congress at its present session m ouse ent Numbered Thirteen hundred and seventy-three, $4,094. Jm>GMnN·rs, COURT or cunts. c.1,·:‘,,·i····*··°·°**•' For the a ent of the 'u ents rendered by the Court of Claims, P""‘°"'* reported tg (gn ess at itg pdrgcgent session in House Document Numbered Thirteeiixgundred and seventy-eight, and Senate Document Numbered Eleven hundred and twenty, nandyi C,,,m,¤._ Under War Department, $110,200.25; Under Navy Department, $154,790.80;