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936 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 149. 1913. For Alaskan exhibit, Alaska-Yukon—Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Washington, $4.34. _ For salaries, office of surveyor ganeral of Nevada, mneteen hundred and twelve, $638.72. For contingent expenses land omces, $9.66. For expenses of hearings m land entnes, $2.40. _ For reproducing plats of surveys, General Lmd 05ce, mneteen lumdred and twelve, $53. For payment to settlus on Dm Moines River lands, $350. For surveying the public lands, $24,046.88. _ For re-marking boumdary line between Texas and Mexico, $2 327.33. l*‘orsuppre:5ingHquortniEcaumngIn•iium,ni11etemh¤ndredand twelv $124. . Fo1?iDdiBD. schools $18.57. ger Indian schuoxgl $179éf h · umhase transportation Indian' supplies] nineteen undr%_d°raiid twelvlpi,n;85,3g4g. _ . _ _ _ h or telegra an ephoning Indian swans, nmeteen · dreird angltwei;lp{n$g2,468.44. _ ima or I 7 7 nineteen and eleven, $876.32. .0 , ` Formtelegraphing, transportation, and so {ath, Indian supplies, $102. . · For expenses of Indian cummhioners, nineteen hundred and elegen, 50 cents} _ ’ _ _ $352 75 or support o orma, . . F tectmg' ° terests f allottees, Fiv Civilized ¤—.¤.‘ZE,".€." £X£`§’.‘§`d 1.3, £'§2‘s°.§7. ° For sup rt of Sioux of different tribes, subsistence and civilization, S0utli)0Dakota, $24.23. _ For support of Indians of Colville and Puyallup Agencies, Washinigton, mneteen hundred and eleven $1. or town sites and allotments, Yabxma Reservation, Washington (reimbursable), $21.33. For Army pensions, $279. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE STATE AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS. °’•*¤* *“°'°*'°**Y For increase of Library of Congress $5.55.

¤?i°` w"' 810For cgggiggent expenses,   Office, nineteen hundred and

ven, . . For administration of the customs laws, nineteen hundred and twelve, $3,092.56. For salaries, secretaries embassies and legations, $10.60. For ptxhepenses of consular tors, $980.47. For I and protection cliisgzerican seamen $68.71. For contingent expenses, States consulates, $14.76. For preservation of collections, National Museum, $87.40. _For miscellaneous expenses, Supreme Court, District of Columbia,

 and twplae, $1,863.84, one—half of which shall be

reven o ` of Columb' of the °fthi;e%_ e iaandone-halfout For general expenses, Bureau of Industry, $11.22. For meat mspection, Bureau of Ammal Industry, $3.30. For general expenses, of Plant Industry, $96.37. For and dsstrxbutxon of valuable seeds, $9.06. For amcalm and experiments, 45 cents. For c0tton-boll- inveigations, 68 cents.