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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sm!. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 937 For vegetable patlxoloiicai inves tions $3.90. For general expenses, orest Servuge, $93l ger gfovoement of the national forests, $46.30. or ra Department of Agnj ture . For soil invesr§gations, $1.94. ’ $3 For entomological invsztiifations, $6.53. For collecting agricul statktics, $4.04. For general expenses, Weather Bureau, $1.07._ ‘ . S22? contingent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor, For expenses of regula 1mmigra` tion $75.75. For repairs and incidenvifexpeuses of lighthouses, $2.64. For expenses of light vessels, $808.35. For expenses of buoyage, $467.50. For equipment, Bureau of Standards, $1.11. For general expenses, Bureau of Standards, $202.56. For miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of Fisheries, $10.81. For mspection of prisons and prisoners, nineteen hundred and twelve, $204.32. Forépalaries, fees, and expenses of marshals, United Stats courts, For fees of clerks, United States courts, nineteen hundred and eleven, $192.80. _ ` For fees of commissioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred and twelve, $828.77. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, $93.30. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, $2.20. Miscellaneous expenses, United States courts, $22.20. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. For a ents of rewards, $575. cum •u¤••¤ by For ihclginity for loss by registered mail, $303.43. i>$`i°iia“ii¤:•i°°°°°°° For inland mail transportation-Star, $515.05. For mail messenger service $3.87. For mail transportation—·Iiailroad, $251.95. For transportation of foreign mails, $299.79. For shipment of su lies, $57.35. For freight on mailpgags, postal cards, and so forth, $224.72. For City Delivery Service, $301.20. For rent, li§ht, and fuel, $7.10. For Rural ree Delivery Service, $160.40. _ _ vu 2. fFor for additiglrial sakry of letter} carnteyrs under sectizg two . .s ssa o Act une e` teen un an e -seven,$420. . For ogfelatime claimsh of letter imligg Act gppmvgd Jung v°”‘·*”°‘”· twen - nineteen undred an $336. . _, M Sag 3. That for the payment of the following claims, certiiied ¤Jiil§¤°°°i°§` uléim. to be due by the several accounting officers of the Treasury Depart- ’”*° °°”· ment under appropriations the balances of whichhave been exhausted va 1% P m_ or carried to the surplus fund under the provsnons of sectnon five of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and under appropriations heret.o_ore treated as permanent, being ior the service of the fiscal year mneteenhundred and ten and prior ears, unless otherwise stated and which have been certified to wl M Co under section two oi the Act of July seventh eighteen ”·*’· hun$;ed and eight -four, as full; set forth m Senate Document Numbered Eleven and ourteen, reported to Congress at its present session, there is appropriated as llows: