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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 939 GENERAL EXPENSES. em ,,,1,,.,, Exncnrrvn Onion: Two commission smh- msg, sxmuvssma. commissioner, so much as may be necesslinry salary $5,003;]; 2miI °°"m°” secretary, $2 400; assistant secretaries to com1nissioners—one $1,500; one $1,200; clerks-one $1,600, one $1,500, one $1,400, two at $1,200 each, one, who shall be a stenographer and , $1,000, one $840, one $720, one $600; m ne , one $480; stmographera.nd,`$,840;_two ° ,;t?l010each; ‘ etermary on: etermary surgeon or orsesmthedepart- V·*¤*¤¤! ¤¤rn¤¤¤· ments of the goveinmelpji $1,200; °*°‘ ¤m°$» 8¤1'gi¢¤ and s $1,000. runnin, Purchasing division: $3,000; d ty purchasing dma" °@°°I'» $1,600; wmm, $1,440; dork, $1,810; $1,300 _ six at $1,200 each, _ at $900 each,sixat$720each;i11speci0roi fuel, $1,500; assistant of fuel, $1,100; storekeeper, $1,000; messenger, $600; driver,. 600; mspector, $900; inspector, $780; two laborers, at $600 each; two property-yard keepers, at $1,000 each; msgectqr of $1,200; tem rary labor, $150; ,,,;,1,,,,,. ,,,-,_,“, _ uilding inspection division: %•s·pector of $3,000; ‘“'“°°· principal assistant inspector of build' $1,800; amistant mspedms of b dings—eleven at $1,200 inspector, 1,400; tempora?1 employment of additional assistant inspectors for such tune as errlservices may be necessa31$3,000; civil engineers or computers-—one $1,800, one $1,500; 'ef clerk, $1,500; clerks- `one at $1,050, one at $1,000, one who shall be a stenographer and typewriter, $1,000, one at $900; messenger, $480; assistant inspector, $1,500; To two elevator inspectors for the provision and maintenance by * themselves of two motor cycles for use in their oiieial of elevators in the District of Columbia, $10 per month each, ; you vnu., For the maintenance of one motor vehicle for the oflieial use only of the employees of the building division in inspection work, or ao much thereof as may be necessary, $480; _ museum, na For transportation, for means of transportation, and for mamtenance of means of transportation, $1,000; _ Plumbing inspection division: Inspector of plumbing, $2,000; _,"l"g:L'*'¤¢'¤•P•°"°° princ' al assistant inspector of plumbing, $1,550; assistant inspectors $}’p1¤mb· -—one at $1,200, four at 1,000 each·_ clerks-one at $1,200, one a];1§900 ; tem orary employment of additional assistant inspectors of plumbing andllaborers for such time as their services may be necessary, $2,400; draftsman, $1,350; sewer tapper,$1,000;_three wand`, members o the plumbing board, at $150 each;_ to three assistant inspectors of plumbing for the provision and mamtenanee by selves of three motor c cles for use m their official inspections m the Pnw District of Columbia, {10 per month each, $360: Provided, That no maraw. more of said sum shall be expended than is actually necessary for the miigtspapcf ogasaid motor cycles. P 1 5 ’ I' II 8 l' Cana or Drsrmcr Bvmnmoz Clerk and stenographer, $2,000; ¤§{u§;' Dl *°‘ chief engineer, $1,400; three assistant engineers, at $1,000 each; electrician, $1,200; two dynamo tenders, at $875 each; firemen, at $720 each; three coal passers, at $600 each; electrician s helper, $840; eight elevator conductors, at $600 each; laborers——two at $660 each, two at $500 each; two chief cleaners, who shall also have cha of the lavatones, at each; cleaners, at $240 each; chidfe watchman, $1,000; assistant chief watchman, $660; _ eight watchman at $600 each; pneumatic-tube operator, $600; in all, $36,530: Provided, That the employees herein authorized for the {nin care of the District Building shall appointed by the commissioners. "°°"""""