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944 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. qu, printed this Act except appropria- ·-·"¢'?·"··$·· ,,,,22 lf, mm ,.°,§¥i£;,°“.i.’;.iiPiE’.?th°°¤s¤d re its purcbniw, 1iv¤¤g»r<§‘p:r¤¤g; bmuggie“°<‘iEhcmnagn,°ran•dh¤nms,ucituprovidedform the s pristion- for con t and miscellaneous expenses or unless tlliepl-ri? propriation tlmsameisproposed tobepand shall specigcally authorize Furchaaa, livery, maintenance, aud repair, PM ¤¤¤¤¤¤ 1** mlio partfgflstihriiioney tedtby shall be used for num, Pmmjmm insurance. page a mix hondisofconnected viith of the and

  • ¤gD¤¤¤“r:;°·:¢ P tomgc T6].; hom (k;§pany may be maintained ih the !‘681d¤¤0¤8

4*Pm oi, the supeririitendent the water department, su ° teudent of ers secret of the Board of Charities, health officer, chief xzineinr of thelge department, and superintendent police, of the Dktrict of Columbia, under appropriations contamed m this Act. rms For postage for strictly official mail matter, $11,000. _ _ ··?·""“"‘ ""“'“` F°' ”°°°““" °”°°”§§°’ mw °{£”°°iiy°a¤·°°Hi°i°” $,;*1:**:2 in the collection of ov ue _ es an otherwise, and for other necessary item, $4,000. . _ _ ¤du.i¤p¤¤. ‘ dma,] expenses cludinfl rocurement of chains of title, I th§°r']t1ingofbdsfsin them(bmt XppeaholtheDbt·iietofColuxnbia,P§tnessieesandexpertservicssinDistrictcaesbeforethe Supreme Court of said District, $4,500. _ c¤¤¤·•¤p¤¤ or_purchaseandmamtenanee,lureorhvery,_¤f1¤1l3•l¤0f[·f¤1\¤- rtauon for the ooroner's office and the morgue, gurors {ees, witness ieee removal of deceased making autopsh, ice, diamfectants, telephone service, and om necessary supplies for the morgue, and the necessary expenses of qu$ts,_mcluding sten services in taking testimony, *08** an r ,,,,_, adertismg°' , thnzed d u1redblaw,and for 6:-**- ta§‘:ii l ndrtices aud ightliiiies of inJ c;us, ;4,Zg), lm., gd e;1;m' ’ng tice es in arrears y nme n ?ri¤i1i>- ¤•· huggigd Ld re(¢i|uirfd to be given by Act of Mlarch nineteenth, eighteen hun and musty, $2 500, to be reimbursed by a charge of 50 cents for each lot or piece oiggrloperty advertised. _ Gm, m,u,,,,, For the enforcementigti thedgantrip _ lapvsdpf the District of qmman. 'ceiumbigtobeexpen un er e ectiono ecommissioners, $200. . ,,,,,,,. ’ tth ’ ’ fth Acta ved March first ¤ and°1iiP1iibvt;3iii§e? entitled Kgriprgct to authorize iw :6, us. °]£h . . . . °L P` the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to remove dangerous or unsafe buildings and arts thereof, and for other purposes," to V pay the members of the liioard of survey provided for therein, other than the inspector of buildings, at a compensation of not to exceed $10 for each survey, and to pa the cost of making safe or removing such building; upon the refusaf or neglect of the owners so to do, the un nded alance of the appropriation made for this purpose for glisgxll year nineteenhhundred thirteen is reappropriated for nineteen un an ourteen. ummm sum llorizheygxierction of suitable tablets to mark historical places in the $;*L*gj°;;”‘g"{{';,, District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction of the Joint va. ss, 'pp, ml gg; Committee on the Library, $500, and the unexpended balances of the v°ii“»i:’x£1ik·:i°°’ approyilnations made for this purpose by the Acts of June twenty- sevent , mneteen lumdred and aix, and subseauent District of Columbia appropriation A§t·S,‘;·r1giCOD(§.l}l.U€d availa e for the service of the year nineteen un an ourteen. wccpfm ci wma. wr-. thFor the oiIice_of tl;;§§ister_of wills: glplrifumishing to the o%ce of ‘ e assessor co 1eso , utio , ecessary erein title to real estate is involv$, $90115 an -R Palms W