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74 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. II. Cus. 57-60. 1912. h@%!2· ®A.P.57.-A¤Aet'1‘oammdmActentitled"AnA•$gra¤t§1:gh>cartai¤ l¤·¤~ 1 mm samaarigna reeei {remit paaeeamgngmia [!£h,Ho.1¤L] their •¤nploy:uit,"v°appmv•d°‘?)t-dy thirdeth, nineteen Be it acted it/•e8saateandHbu•e tkUn£ted .3.§‘.%‘£‘.?',..t’°°""* samffemeza in Grtfau mwah, me we mgigmum ,,"{.*:‘,,’F',°}‘“,,‘,‘§‘*,,, Act approved May thirtie nineteen hundred and agit, entitled “An · •¤¤¥¤¤•¤¤•¤¤•- Actgrautingto certain emplo eesof the United testhenghtto w' s' "°°°‘ mceive fran it cggnpensation gg sustainedfin the coarse of eir emp {gen shall, in a _ c o persons erem designa' held to l to artisaizi laborer or other employee

 my  ywor;1{1nder e Buredn of Mines or the
d_¤ Forest? Service of the United States:   That this Act shall

not be· eld to embrace any case arising prior to its passage. Approved, March 11. 1912; ¤·=[g·&¤{¤- hgléegea-naare mmm uisaaagsesmmamseamulsns (PahI1e,No. In] · _ __ _ Be€tenacted6ytheS¢nateamlH»useqfB_?•reaeatatioea0ft/•e United •.s.§*§,I‘°° ci"' States of imcrica in Congress aasembkd, hat the Commissioner of ,. °*""‘°‘ Navigation is hereby authorized and directed, ugglappbcatnon of the owner, the Continental Steamship 0oni$y,of uth, Minnewta, to chaiage the name of the steamer Salt e City, offichl number two hun red and four thousand five hundred andtwenty-six. Approved, March 12, 1912. ` U¤ch12,1912. GKAP. 59.-An Act To authorize the Minnesota and International Railway ¥s·“"‘·l tp eonstructa bridge amos the Mimimippi Biverat or naar Bemidp, in [Powe, ue. ma] 6 o Minnesota. Bcit enacted tiw‘»S’enatea»nd.H Rep1uentata7vesqft}seU itu! mwm States of Amagca in Oongrcu That the Minnesotirand =r_a·¤¤¤am_nmny International Railway Company, a corporation oriauized under_the """"`*·"“"" ‘&.".m’ °‘ ““"‘°°° m.i.."££’ °.?.$°°§.‘?.'Zt2"§‘ J§°.i§2“;.?.i°.pp.¤..i°””’ ’f.‘§"’¤‘§.% across River at a poigit suitable to the interests of navi iteno west rter sectio sixteeute ’ hunmosudlfortyaix, ra1§eqfh·irty-t(liree west}, at or ndar Bemiigijuiii Beltrami County State of inuesota, in accordance wi{h_the provisions- WL “· 1*-** of the Act entitled "An Act to re§late the construction of bridges over nagigable waters,” approved rch`twenty-third, nineteen hundred au six.

  • ¤•¤¤¤·¤¤*— Sec. 2. That the right to alter. amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, March 12, 1912. lamb . CHAP. 00.-An Ac f rai@ cabin hm], [Pub; M;] in the town site of Post lAhJgelea, zhtdigtonzpsud for 0tlte:l; , 0. . Be#£tenactedbyt}AeSenatodr•d.Hmae f e&mtat° t}wU£¢ed ,§;¤A¤5°*¤·e,f';:*b.E§· State; of America {11 (Jbngvuss auerubZ(;df2¥hrat the ry 0; the nu ycertain mm- Interior be, and ·he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause the "°"‘“"‘ reappraisement at their actual cash value of blocks numbered thirtitwo and fifty-three, and the yeet four hundred and fifty feet of su urban lot numbered tyrenty-six in Government town site of Port Angeles, or any subdivision therw, in the State of Washington, and all of said ]ands,_not required for e use of the Government, so reappraised to be subyect to sale at not less than the reappraised prim, under