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SIXTYLSIQCOND CONGRESS} Sess. II. Cns. 60-62. 1912. I5 suchrul andregulations theSeeretaryof theI terio °be; Rwidelals Mwave-, That xy settler who, prior so J K¤l.1:11r&y l?l.D6· ,,,,,,,, ,,. teen hundred and ten, was in actual occupation of any portion or sub- °¤P•¤¤- division of such lands in gd iaith for town·site purposes shall be 2'.l3‘*'..;°§.£°é.&lm"‘°“°¤r.?€¤?§r."Z`.$. ¤p‘Z€.’§.°°°“P1°°e“3$f°e%‘$2,$£.?.`Z‘l‘}‘2§§ appraisegl of land, not into cgpizideration the valhpe o an dings rm amen : provsded fw: wm Thatie right of xy settlerdxmlbe exercised within um days afterthe reagrrzisement herein provided for have been plmoved by the ,taryof theIntenor:Andpgovaded_/iuther numnennm. any such settler not exercising the right herein gl\l1t$Bl)8llm¤' - have the right for a period of thirty days the erpiration said gy days to remove his bmldmgs from sand premises occupued by Approved, llarch 16, 1912. U GEL!. 61.—An_Act To authorize the bond ufccunty ccmmhionss d Bute! c¤¤qmaepemm¢fm¤:gh¢:mm1n;:¤•¢y¤mcey¤py,m¢:·asu¤¢_L¤·_ , we ecmmmensu, ue. abrldgeacrliegugie 'te§.’i!veratc;)nc¢l’ar¤:.tJie Arkanna. _ mmm. ml Be itencded ¢IwScnatcandH R catalina the United Stcztceq/Amaizin 0mngrese '1€£4:?theboai·l)`I‘ofcounty §_,“",,,**,_g',,,,,,, commissionersofBaxter0cuntyandthe boardofcountycornm1s-_¤¤¤¤¤e:‘.,jar•·=.·;¤•y sionersofMarionCounty, in theStateofArkansas,dulycor1st1tuted ‘ and zppointed under the laws of said Statefor the respectrye coun-

  1. 168 oresa1d as bridge commrssioners, mtmitogether for the two

conmtres under prescribed by the ws of sa1d State, be, and they are here y, authorized to 00ll8tl'l10t t&l:ll, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the te River at a pomt surtab to the mterests of navigation at or near tl1B_t9WD of Cotter, in theState0fArkansas, inaccordancewiththefpr¢rv1sionsof theAct entitled "An Act to regulate the construction o _ bridges across nav1— "°”*’·‘ ’* gable waters," approved March twenty-third, nmeteen hundred and

2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby *""°"""°‘*

exp y reserved. · Approved, March 22, 1912. CHAP. 62.-An Act To authorize the Plcillc Railway _Company to mel witht E2 Waaliitdlgutlnlf nm- [mane. Ne. ma] Bc it enacted the Senate and H the United _ Sides of Amaiezr in Oongrue _ t the Nm-fiam Pacific ,, ’;{§,$ Railway Company, a corporatron orgamzed U1ld6.l'_l'¤hB laws of Wis- nyénhem ham consm, and having authority to construct, maintain, and operate a r..¤z·d•y ¢p:p¤r 2:***82 ·¤t·r.P*°··=%as my ams i..*·’{. *·*:m“··*···:s.."¤§£.:¤:2 m···’**"·· "’ ' n a e, m Whldlhinvgton, at a poilliltndtadl near the ead of Salmon Bay, is hereby authorized to cross and occupy with said structure the_nght of way owned by the United States_ad_|acent to and along said waterway, under such terms and condrtnons as the Secretary of War may deem equitable and fair to the public, in accordance with the yirovmons of ven. se. a M- tbe Act entitled "An Act to 1 the construction of ridges over nagigable waters," approved h twenty-third, mneteen undred

 That otge right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby *"'°“°“‘”"

exp y reserv . - — Approved, March 22, 1912.