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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 957 tists, andfourofwhomshall beof thecoloredrace at$500each· in all, $6,500: Provided, That said inspectors shall bebppointed b ’the ¤"°"•°mw·m commissioners only after competitive examination, and shallbave ¤•¤¤¤.•¤=." mu had at lesst year·s’ egerience in the practice of medicine or dentistry ur the_D1su-ict of lumbia, and shall perform their duties 1“I£3't°‘° dé.L°°¥1’."a‘¥£ °%° ii? °ii;i.°§i:ii1t°:°°i.di°g “’ '“1°° '°"""‘ rom e e w su 'ectto thea val of the board of educlstiod andkhehcosrrmiuirinersd ppm os: orrento sc oo buildmgs` ,repau·' sho storage *¤•¤·¤¤••¤¤•· ang stock roonm, $17;000. { P, R"' oramountrequiredto temporaryrooms orclassesabove ’¤¤¤•·*¥·•¤¤•· the second grade, now on hdllutline, and to rovide for the estimated M increased enrollment that may be caused Iby the geration of the comcpulsory-education law, and for the purchase all arti G88Dd? l30b0l.lS0dlHbll000lHBBOfl1lStfIlC maly be provid for atypical and ungrldod classes, $5,000. { or repairs anal improverslents to scsioosjbuildinis a.n¢$unds and °”°*" °"" orrep anrenewingea ,um ,anven aaratus, installation of fountains in not sup&l1ed with the same, $100,000. For e purdiase and repair of tools, material, and ,.'.’.'}_°‘“"°""‘°" books, and_appar-atus to be used in connection wi instruction in

 trammg, and for incidental expenses connected therewith,

For fuel, gas, and electric light and power, $85,000. '°'· "**"'·‘°°· For contingent expenses, includingd urnitmefand repairs of same, vannunrnnnna stationery, printing, ice, urchase an repairo eqm_pmen` t or - school cadets, and other iiecessu? items not otherwise provided or, including an allowance of $300 or livery of horse for the samantendent sifjanitors, and including not exceeding $1,000 for ks, books of erence, and periodicals, $47,500: _ _ For purchase of pianos for school buildings and kindergarten Pl•¤¤•· schools, at an average cost not to exceed $300 $900. _ For textbooks an school supplies for use osgutiils of the first "’”“" ‘° WW'- gradee, who at the time are not suplphlied wi e same, to tributed by the superintendent of pu c schools under regulations to be made by the board of education of the District oi: Oo umbna, and for the necessary expenses of the urchase, distribution, and preservation of said textbooks and suplplies, mcluding one bookkeepor and custodian of textbooks and suppl es, at $1,200 II1d•0I.\0•&QI8tlI}t, at $600, $65,000: Provided, That the board of education, in its drscre- tion, is authorized to make exchanges of such and other educational publications now on hand as may not be desirable for me. For purchase of United States flags, _ _ Y: Fordeqsigsssmt, grading, and improving sax additional sdmol play- ¤'°°°*‘* un s . gig and repairing forty-two rhygrotmds now estab- For, mgslerialksnéloolabor, for establishment and mainte- “'°°""‘*°"'· nance o sc oo ens, , . _ For purchase of asparatus and for the §mpment and for ,p§‘3,,“'g,‘°”"”'““ the maintenance of e &hgsics de artxnent in the usmess, Central, Eastern Western, and trect Schools, _$3,000. _ C d bb For the purchase of Hxtures, apparatus specrmms, and ,,,s,c,,""°",,,,,,,,” ;‘,,,,_ ‘ for the laboratories of the departments oi c emistry biology m the Central, Eastern Western, Business, and M Street`s_ Schools, J. Ormond Wilson {Normal School, and Normal School i umbered Two, and the installation of the same, $2,100: For cabinetmaker for repairing school furmture,_ _$1,000. ;‘:‘:::*:'· md Bmnnmos aim osormns: For the complete eqmpmentof the nor- mms. ° mal-school building for colored pupils, $20,000.