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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 959 METROPOLITAN POLICE. rem. M¤l01‘ ¤·¤d Bupelintendent $4,000; assistant su rintendent with ““'“'· rank of mspector, $2,500; inspectors, at $5800 each; eleven captarns, at $11500 each; chief cler , who shall also be pro rty clerk, $2,000; c k and stenographer, $1,500; clerk, who sh£ be assistant prplperty c1erk, $1,200; three clerks, at $1,000 each; four surgeons of e police and departments, at $720 each; additional compensation for twenty prrvates detailed for special service in the detection and preyentronof crime, $4,800, or so much thereof as may be necessary; thirteen heutenants, one of whom shall be harbor master, at $l,320_ each; forty-six sergeants, one of whom may be detailed for duty ur the harbor patrol, at $1,250 each; four hundred and mnety-one prrvatee of class three at $1 ,l000 each; one hundred privates of class two, at $1,080 each; fift -eig gfprivates of class one, at $900 each; amount required to pay salaries privates of class two who will btzpromoted to class three and privates of class one who will be promo to class two during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $2,729; six telephone operators, at $720 each; fourteen jamtors, at $600 each; messenger, $700; messenger, $500; inspector, mounted, $240* fifty-five calptains, heutenants, sergeants, and privates, mounteti at $240 eac ; sixty-four lieutenants, sergeants, and privates, mounted on bicycles, at $50 each; ° hteen drivers, at $720 each; threegnrce matrons at $600 each; inmgll., $907,789. _ To aid in e support of the National Bureau of Criminal Identinca- mq¢g£¤•¤_¤_!¤•¤¤¤¤~ tron, to be expen under the direction of the Commissioners of the District of Co umbia, provided the several departments of the General Government may be entitled to like information from time to time as is accorded the police departments of various municipalities privileged to membership therein, $200. _ Mrscmnnaxnonsz For fuel, $4,000; _ _ "°°*· For repairs and improvements to pohce stations and grounds, ¤•¤•¤= $5,500; _ _ . For miscellaneous and contingent expenses, including the_ purchase ,,:,L‘}f'"‘”°" "' of new wagons, rewards for fugrtives, modern revolvers, mamtenance of card system, stationery, city_d.irectories, periodicals, telegraph§é telephomng, photographs, printing, bmdmg, as, ree, washing, m_ for prisoners, furniture an repairs thereto, beds and bed c otlung, ' ' of office, purchase of orses, horse and vehicle for supermtengent, bicycles, motor cycles, police equipments and repairs to the same, hamess forage, repairs to vehicles, van, patrol wagons, motor patrol, and saddles, mounted equipments, and expenses incurred ur the prevention and detection of crime, and_ other necessary expenses, D•°•°**°¤ °' ¤*¤** $29,500; of whichamountasum notexceedrng$500maybeer:1}>ended_by the major and su tendent of police for the tpreventron an detection of crime, under ate, approved by e Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and every such certificate shall be deemed a suE· cient voucher for the sum therein expressed_to_have been expended: Prmnkied, That the War De artment may, m rts discretron, “’,,,,,,,,,"""“,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ the District Comrtnéissioners, Ear the use ol; the police, upon requisition, such worn moun equipment as may mred; For five motor patrol wagons, at $2,500 ml, $12,500; °°°°‘""°°""°"‘ For maintenance of motor vehicles, $2,500, or so much thereof as ¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- ma be necessary; ill sn, s54,<><>¤· t . . . . House or Drrrrmrrouz To enable the Commrssroners of the District H¤¤·¤ ¤f !>·¤¤¤¤¤¤- of Columbia to provide transportation, including the pkchase and maintenance of necmsary horses, wagons, and harness, all a suitable place for the reception transportation, aud detention; of under seventeen years of age and, in the discretion of theitommrssroners, of girls and women over seventeen years of age, arrested by the