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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 961 For oneiireengine, $10,000; $2: 2::: 2$.‘;‘.‘3."?rZ£‘i°t‘;.‘;”.:"‘*“‘ mm hm w·g····» *»·~¤= “·····;m rs mo r en, , ; For one combination chemical engine and wagon $6 000· In all, $50,000. ’ ’ ’ HALTH DEPARTMENT. xeunraeparunn. Health officer, $4,000; assistant health officer, who hereafter shall °•“‘*••~ be a physician and during the absence or disability_of the health officer shall act as health_officer and discharge the duties incident to that positron, $2,500; chief clerk and d gy health officer, $2,500; clerks—one_at $1,400, five at $1,200 earth? our at $1,000 each, one at $720; chief sanitary inspector, $1,800; sanitary inspectors-—eight at $1,200 each, two at_ $1,000 each, two at $900 each; chief food rnsplector, $1,600; food ms tors-five at $1,200 each, six at $1,000 eac_ , five at $900 each; chginrst, $1,800; assistant chemist, $1,200; assistant bacterrolngx $1,200; skilled laborer, $600* messenger and jamtor, $600; r, $600; lpoundmaster, $1,200; laborers, at not ex per month eac , $2,000; rn all, $63,620. . Not less twelve of the sanitary and food ins tors above ,,,}‘“*,,,,¤•P_;L¤**'¥ *¤· provrded for shall be emplo ed in the enforcement ofptoliie milk and `

 laws ang   reiugtrons relating thereto and in the inspec-

1on o ames an airy arms. For the enforcement of the_ provisions of an Act to prevent the ,,}:",__"**”*’*""’°' gpread of contagious diseases rn the District of Columbia, approved V¤\-¤•.r·¤5- arch third, erg teen hundred and ninety-seven, and an Act for the v°"“"’ °°‘ prevention of scarlet fever diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, and typhoid fever in the District of Columbia, approved February ninth, nineteen hundred and seven, and an Act to provide for registration of all cases Tu of tuberculosis in the District o Columbia, for free examination of ¤.¤.,,,°°'_°°‘°'l' '°'l" sputum in suspected cases, and for preventing spread of tubercu- "°'·”· P- W- losis in said District, approved May thirteent , mueteen hundred and eight, under the direction of the health officer of said District, and for the prevention of other communicable diseases, including salaries or com nsation for rsonal services, not exceeding $12,000, when orderedxin writing E; the commissioners and necessary for the enforcement and execution of said Acts, and for the splventron of such other communicable diseases as hereinbeforetprovn , purchase K m and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons an harness, purchase °"""°°’°°' ‘ of reference books and medical joumals, and maintenance of quarantine station and smallpox hospital, $24,000: Provided, That an •,. bacteriologist employed under this appropriation shall not be paid •¤*¤•¤°¤ ¤“*••¤ more than $6 per day and may bz y gi: health oflincgr tt; the bacteriologrcal` exammat1' `on o an 0 r dairy p uc and of the water supplies of dairy farms and to such other sanitary work as in the judgment of health omcer will prpmote the public health, whether such exammatrons be or be not directly related to con ous diseases. _ _ Ftdrglmaintenance of the includrngsalarrm or °"'“'°“”"“"*°‘· compensation for personal services _ ordered in wntrng_by the commissioners and neeesary for the mamtenance of sud service, and for purehasgoo and maintenance of neeemary horse, wagons, and . · ||&l1|§ . For thffenfonwment of the provisions of an Act to gnrovide for- the ¥F,{";f},?{,'§T’·’°°· drainage of lots in the District of Columbia, approved ty nmeteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and an Act to provide or the abate— “·;:°¤¤¤¤* °' ¤¤+ ment of nuisances in the District of Columbia y the v»L:•,p. ua of said District, and for other purposes, approved April fourteenth, nineteen hundred and six, $1.500.