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962 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. ¥¤•¤ •°¤*¤•**¤ — For @1 in connection with the go the adulterotio of foods mcludmg° can an milk, . w·°*•*¤¤· leur the equ·$m§nt and exe bacteriologinal laboratory and for reference books and scientific journals, $1,000. §f,_*,,'%··¤ For contingent expense incident to the enforcement of an Act to p` regulate the sale of milk in the of Columbia, and for_ot11er mposes, approved llarch second, hundred and nmeg- ¤;}§“"g‘*°¤°"°°‘*· Eve; an Act relating to the adultaration of foods and m e v¤{'¤¤. mw- M. M Ditrict of Columbia, approved February seventeenth, eighteen hundreglounicgnnmetyc-;¤i%t; an Act tovpmven]Ltho£fa‘,:‘i1,1¤lteration oi candy ` trict , ° P¤W¤d ° teen undred ¤¤****°¢P¤•'°°'* 1:141 ninety-eight; an Act foragreventing és manaxhctum, sale or aw. . . . z VM- M. p. me bamportation of adulterated or mnbranded or pomonous or deletenoua foods druigrmedicines, andliquors, \Ildfo1’l'$|.llIlii1lgh\m0 therein,

2 for-awopurposa, approved June thirtneth, nineteen hundred

anx, , .

  • ¤•P•¤**¤¢ *****1 For necessary expenses of of dairy farms inclu '

¤¤.•¤. , e amountsthatmaybeallowedtlie officei-and tantheilltg officerzomedical and IIBP06 rs esslgu ¤¤p•¤¤¤n dl|l’yf|l’|I|8, mam' tenancebyeachofahorseandvehicle, ormotorvehiclejlrforinein the dbchargeofhboficial duties, nottoexceed $240 annum, and auowaneesforsuchotherimpectorsintlmservioeoftgrhealthdepartment as commissioners may ternune not exceeding $100 annumfci=1l}°themaintenauceofa1i‘£>tor<iycle°dach,erofnot excesdh; $25 annum_forthenuintenaneeofabicycleeach,Ior11sein the

of d;¤¤es,mdb<;thernecesuytravelhngexpenses,

, or so m as ma necessary. m{;1:_u was ¤¤ Gm-deld and Providence Hosgiiti-szrilhir isolating_wards for minor contagious diseases at o and Providence H tals Garfield 1 mamtensalice, $6,000 andn8§%10(;0(1_;espect1vely, or so muchozgereol as may _ necessary· m . _

  • ’°**”¤ •¤·•*¤*¥· mFor$r;10a(1p)tmance, ineludiing services, of the public crema-

·*°·**“°¤·* ¤¤¤¤ ll•'Y¢ir’};ih(;>0%)¤ista1]ation of an additional furnace at the public cremad'¤'*•$,_;•·_·g·*_;•_{rry¤¤· mllxiir tizegtment oftgongsgggstagrant wats? for the creagon or maintenance 0 wluch_ e governmen is ° , prevenzl propagating of mosquitoes therein, pzynlnoenstsffii)- had M person services w en necessary, $200, _ xauuéesppmea. The action of the commissioners m locating a pound and stable foillthe l;eal{h dt:pi%·n1ent]_ on mcezaugpnplmbzhm two hundred an nme y, oca ng ames t te f wl my PAM South Capitol and I_ Streets southeast, undzr tlseuhutrhgcrigzllisn contained m the District appropriation Act i?proved March second, Mmmm p.1net%ecr;i0l:1undréedc0;L11‘idldeven,·@a;i ratifiedf con6rmed, and the _ urisd an ro over s

 M W ¤.,,.j,m.,. .¢ o.. oem e%iI."§.t‘i1;`.  ESE

mJ•¥'?a_ District of Columbia pay to the United States as compensation fr; th¢;hl;ngfconta1;11ed 5 iaaiod res‘;a1·:£.t&on one-half the estimated V no I mm l 2 Y · O ,,;;~¤= DM me giitgy from tgzumbzggw of a§°s.aoaZZ°0i°cl$i¤”Y}i’€`a?€K,’X'L'$§$”L1i I } 8 l to the credit of the United Stags, sfnd the?·;ayf2drt1tlieU;iltlgdt<§t:fai0d reservation shall be in the name of the District of Columbia. °°°‘“ COURTS. Courtdqpalgn T tho ner f . . ··=·:»...,, o..»..‘§..'i.§'l..- wma O? oE€° °°`2{§ °} ;}."*’°“’- -°‘ “"° ”*“"°‘ °‘ · . WH0 0 eopmions ofsaxd court authorized to be furnished by hm: under section two hundred and