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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 963 twentg-nine of the Qode of Law for the District of Columbia as amen ed July first, mneteen hundred and two twenty~two volumes, at $5;::6:h, namely, eleven copies each of volumes forty and forty- one . §BOBéTION srsrmr: Probation officer, Supreme Qourt, District of P'°'°°“"‘ °“°” Columbia, $2,000; probation officer, ohce cout, District of Columbia, $1,500; assistant probation o£oer, police court, District of Columbia, $1,200; contmgent expenses, $500; in all, $5,200. I mt _ Juvennn comrr. Judge, $3,600, clerk, $2,000; doping clerk, who s,,,Q"""" is authorized to act as erk m the absence of that officer, $1,200; cluef probation officcr, $1,500g&1'0`bation ofIice1s—one $1,200, one $1 000; bailiif, $700; jamtor, $ ; all, $11,740. érhscellaneousz For compensation of jurors, $1,300; m'°"“"°"“· or rent $240; h For fuiéniture, iixtpggag and equipments, and repairs to the courts ouse an groumk, · For fuel, 1ce, gas, work, stationery, printing, law books, books of reference, per1od1cals,_typevmter and repaus thereto, binding and rebmdmg, preservation of records, mops, brooms, and buckets, removal of ashes and refuse, telephone service, traveling expenses, and other incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, $1 000· o ln f1, $2,840. Poitier: comrr: Two judges, at $3,600 each; clerk, $2,200; deputy §$",,,‘j_"""· clerks—one $1,600, one_%§S500, two, at $1,200 each; deputy financial clerk, $1,500; seven hai , at $900 each; deputy marshal, $1,000; jamtor, $600 K; engmeer, $900; assistant engineer, $720· fireman, $480; two assxstapt janglors, at $300 each; matron, $600; three charn t$360 eac ;m ,52868 . _ mann", midisgellaneous: For printiné law books, of reference, directories, periodicals, stationery, binding] and rebmdmg, preservation of records, typewriters and repairs ereto, fuel, ice, gas, electric lights andspower, telephone service, laundry work, removal of ashes and rubb` , mops, brooms, buckets, dusters, sponges ainters and lumbers’ supplies, toilet articles, medicines, soap and fectents, lfnited States dans and hnlyards, and all_ other necessary and incidental expens? 0 3% kind not otherwise prov\ded for, $2,250; or wi ees, ; _ For furniture for the police court and repairing and replacing same, $200; For meals of jurors and of bailiifs in attendance upon them when ordered by the court, $25; For compensation of gurors, $7 000;_ · ¥o:1nepa1rn1;g the po urt building, $1,000; ’ 3 , I cunt Brlluzucgai. comrrz Five judges, at_ $2,500 each;_ clerk, $1,500; $•l`:::•F-I three asaistan{.m¢;llerks, afi $1,000 each; janitor, $600; in all, $17,600; mmm iigi rgiiieiipeue expe&k;20including boon, uw books, books of reference, grae; light, telephnlne, blanks,$¢;o53k¤ts, and all other necesmmce' `te su plies • °°K .u {0. ¤.`Z°.`1.’..}.i§" ‘§.¤..J’m,e¤. ’ _ L ,_,_ Wnns or Lmucr: o defray the expenses attending the execution vgiliicl p. ni of write de lunatico inquirendo and commitments therenmder in all cases of indigent insane persons committed or sonsht to be committed to the Government Hospital for the Insane lg o er_of the executive authorit of the Dhtrict of Columbia under e provisions of existing law, incliiding the employment of an ahemst at not exceeding $1,000 per annum, $3,500.