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964 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Suas. IH. Ch. 150. 1913. nglnitustmduung INTEREST AND SINKING FUND. For interest and on the funded debt, $975,408, which sum shall be aid out of ds and accounted for in accordance with the Acts of Cgngress in relation thereto. E¤°'¤°'”’ "“"* · EMERGENCY FUND. °*"“'*“"‘ T beexpeundedonlyincaseofemergenc, ch riot ilnce, public insanitaiy conditions, calamity by fiobud 01*38 fire, hiiiistofc like . character, and m_ all cases of emergency not otherwise sumciently provided for, in the discretion of the Commimioners of the District ’T`f?‘{,,,,,,"§·,, of Colu.mbia,_$8,000: Provided, That in the purchase of all articles provided for m Act no more than the market price shall be paid or any such articles, all bids for any of such articles above the market price shall be rejected ad new bids oa- this purchases made m o as ma most mum pcn of , buy economi an vantageous cum me prisms. FOR (DURTS AND PBISONS. Biggs, dl ¤¤¤¤<=*·¤ Surroar or coiwrcrsz F rt mam' tenance d trampo °°t °L tationd:§co1:lvict'si1‘trapsferr<ii<l Distdpgcggglohilmma; to hre un er on o WTR? i $00 000. ,,§°"'“’°°’°· °"°· ugmmonn Dxsrucr or Conuuma: or the fhllowix force necmaiyofdrthecareandprotectionof thecoixrtliousein eDistrict of _ lumbna, under the direction of the United States marshal of the District of Columbia: Engineer, $1,200; three watchman, at $720 each; three Hremen, at $@0 each; live laborers, at $600 each;

1;h;ee_me:lsenge;sé1at m all, $10,680, to be expended under

d1rec on o e rney . I <><>“¤¤| <>f •vq¢•\· Comm- or arraam nunmmo Drsrmcr or Goumma: F th '°°°‘°"’° followinqntglroe, necessary for the care and protection of the cdiirt og appeals : Two watchman, at $720 each; elevator o tor, . . P°*’¤ on o e upenn n en o 1 -

 *"m‘"a· ·“?r::r%°.<:.f*a.“*.°:h:·...**d·2.g“¤“a*.&*;;“*r.:$·

-~·—·~··~"““ :.:2°;’;..$’.2"**’·;’·.§%r:...$.*:.:.°’·*k :‘ it mz; ·i€···*· ·**·*`@*·*··‘ c_ ano g,uner e rec ansupervmon of the justices of said rt· 1 all $4,800. ¤=n·¤·¤ · For mope, broomsjoliudkelts disinfectants, removal of refuse, electr¤c_current, electrical supplies, books, and all other necessary and fno; gzlerwibae provided for, for the court of ap e nc o um , $800. ggpury;¤fe¤g_y¤ liars or wrmhssss, spramm oovm': For fees of witnesses in the a.s.,»es¤o, Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and for payment of the actual expenses of witnemes in said com-t, as provided by section grgigogundred and fifty, Revised Statutes of the United States, "“""°°` e.};l‘5“?Zh1”B°$.'£“*cZ“?$‘0i' °‘i."“’éJ§‘X0$»°°° °’ j“'°” "‘ “"° S“*"°‘“° o n o um 18 , . P•¥ 0* °•*“'*· •°¤· Par or nan.rn·s: For payment of not exceeding one crier in each court, of office deputy marshals who act m bailifs or criens, and for the of meals and lodginglfor jurors in United States cases and $7 000 s m attendance upon e same when ordered by the court,


¤¤¤==¤·¤•¤¤· Mrscauaxmeus nxrmwsns: For pa ent of such miscellaneous expenses as ma be th rized thm A Supreme Court ri the glislct of olliGg-czisjainfzlddinllg the furnishing and collecting of evidence the United States is