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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III,. Ch. 150. 1913. 965 ormaybeapartyininteres includingalsosuchexpensesasma be authorized by the Attorney %eneral for the court of a peels Digmy ‘ of Columbia, $15,000. P ’ ct

     Gharitlu and cor-

B0ann01rC¤a1m·ms: Secreta1'y,$3,500;c1u·k,g1,g00-stenogra hu., iuumcm-neu. $1.200; messenger, $600; i¤spector¤——o¤e at $1,200, three at si),000 “""‘°*°“· each, tm; $9001;;:31, two atI:84Q each; driversgone at $780, ¤· ; er $540• velmgexpenses m udmg' at - ance on conventions, $400; in ail, $18,060. , md

 am: ooxnixmoun. 1¤s·rrru•r1oNs. ¤¤¤·>¤¤·¤¤¤¤•. ew.

Wasunwmx Asrnmr am: Jan.: Superintendent, $1,800; visiting ,,,Y{{',f{"*‘°”””°¤ physician, $1,200; resident physician, $480; clerk, $340; mginw, sam-iu. $900; assistant engineers, at $600 each; two assistant engineers at hospital for seven and one-half months, at $50 per month each; mght watchman, $480; blacksmith and woodworker, $500; driver for dead wagon, $365; one hostler and driver, and one driver for supply and laundry wagon, at $240 each; hospital cook, $600; assistant cooks——qne at $300, two, at $180 each; trained nurse, who shall act as superintendent of musing, $900; two graduate nurse, at $425 each; graduate nurse for receiving ward, $425; two nurses for annex wards, at $480 each; eight orderlies, and two orderlies for annex wards, at $300 ; pupil nurses, not less than twenty-one in number (nurses to be paid not to exceed $120 per annum during fret year of service, and not to exceed $150 per annum during second year of service), $3,000; registered pharmacist, who shall act as hos ital clerk, $720; gardener, $540; seamstress, and housekeeper, at ¥300 each; launaggman, $600; assistant laundryman, $365; six laundresses at $360 ; two chambermaids three waiters, and seven_ward giaids, at $180 each; temporary lahor, not- to exceed $1,200; in all, 28 335; Flor pmvisioplp, fuelf forage, harness vehiclgu and rspmrgi to ¤¤¤¤¤¢·¤¤¤v•¤•••· same ice oes, cothmg, goods, ormg, gs an m ca suppii§s:8iurniture and b0dd11lgml•0h6D utensils, and other necessary Helga, s35,Q00;to buildmgs' l b` I ber hard or re 1 pum lng: 1 up 1 WQN1 cement, liar; oil, tools, cars, tracks, gtanam eating and cooking °PP°r°t°S"2’°0i1)€¤ta¢¤te 0 emiam F ‘ t to ai ¤··¤········ ··» ·····» aentsto womenan :oraymen_e ,, benegdilaries named in section of "An Act it a mxsde- °°f$iii•?iiii1?’ ui meanor in the District of C0l\H.Dbl8_00 abandon or lly neglect to provide for the support and maintenance by any person o his wife or his or her minor children in destitute or necsitous circumstances/’ approved March twentyghird, nmeteen hundred and six, $4,000, or so much thereof as may necemary, to by the disbursing officer of the District of Columbia op ntegmaed vouchers dug audited and approved by the auditor of sud District; _ _ _ upport of risoners: For for maintenance of ikailllpns m”¤‘L_¤*°**°* Wl 1*** oners of thelgistrict ofColum attheWasbmgton and Jail, including pay of guards and other necemary pei-sux services, and for support of nsonems therein, $44,000; For four one hundred and fifty horsepower water-tube boilers and ’°°¤’· e.'llTappurtenances;>f $15,000; For _ _ no to th W h. hmwmm M ransportation risoners: conveymgprmso rs e as A ingtonAsylumandJi:il;includingsa.larycfdrxver nottoexeeed$720 M°°°° and the purchase and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons, and harness $2,000· _ _ In ali, unde1·’W•slungton Asylum and Jail, $130,335.