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966 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. H ¤ f¤M:•·1~¤¢ H Ao axmlxnau: Su ent $1,200; clerk, mg"`! $900(;“1:a';t:)¢i;n;l`I$1000;tz·hief cook, $720; liundryman, at $540 each; chief engineer, $1,000; amistant engineer, $720; physician and pharmacist, and second assistant engineer, at $480 each; two male attendants, and two nurses, at $360 each; two female attendants, three firemen, and amistant cook, at $300 each; assistant cook, $180; blacksmith and woodworker, and farmer, at $540 each; three farm hands, , and tailor, at $300 each; seamstress, laundrem, hostler and er, at $240 each; three servants, at $144 each; temporary laborer, $1,000; in all, $15,632; _ °·>¤**¤¤¤*°*¤*¤=°•- For provisions, fuel, fo , harness yehicles and repairs to same, 1ce shoes, gods, tailoring, drugs and medical supplieg, and bedding, Extchen utensils, and other necessary '¢ , 27. ; , I 6%:1- repairs and improvements tcbuilding and grounds, $2,500; i°~°’ ‘°°"..,,.,..·°°‘fI.¤“"“°,..,.E.“’ mg.; oi as tang- as · 1...,- g ,,1..., HD 1 inbailnticllgig conduit, new piping, and faucets, to be e avail— . 700; . ‘ Il1all;forHomeforAgeda1ulInfinn,$54,682. _ E HI www '¤•¤¤¤¤¢ Nanouar. '1‘nauuxo Sermon ron Boys; For care and maintenance ¢>¤,•¤¤-.%»t·. of boys committed to the NationalTraining School for Boys by the courtsof theDistrictofColumbiaunderacontracttobemadeby the Board of Charities with the authorities of said National Training School for B<rly%A$48,000, or so mud: thereof as may be ,,‘§;‘,,‘“,2,F'G$’“‘“' Narmsn. umm Sonoor. ron Gina: , $1 ; ¤•*·¤¤· treasurer, matron, and three teachers, at $000_each; overseer, _$720; six teachers of industries, at $480 each; engmeer, $000; assmtant engglneer, $480; night watchman, $480; two laborers, at $300 each; in . $9.960; ¤<·¤¤¤¢¤¢·=¤·¤=¤= F groce` V1Sl0·· ,lightful,soa,oi1,lam candles clothing, sholgfloprarge, hogeshoeirig, niiedicing, medical lztendance; hack hire, transportation, labor, sewing machines, fixtures, books, stationery, horses, vehicles, hainess, pigs, fowls, sheds, ggces, ' ,typewriting,steno y,an o rnecemaryitemsf u- irriiggllnpensation, not e $350 for additional labor or services, for identifying and pursuing escaped inmates, and for rewards for their recapture, and or transportation and other necessary ex incident to securing suitable homes for paroled or discharged exceeding $150, $13,000; For the erection of a barn and warehouse, $000; For a covered porch extension, $350* _ In all, for National Traming School ior Girls, $23,910. yadlealehartues. MEDICAL GHA.1¤’1'ms. r¤•¤¤¤¤¤*• Hmm For the care and treatment of indigent patients, under `a contract to be made with the Freedmen’s Hospital y the Board of Charities, $34,000 br so much thereof as may be necessary. hczgyzmw Hmm For-·the care_ and treatment of indigent patients, under a contract mn to be made with the Columbia Hospital or Women and Lying-in Asylum by the Board of Charities, not to exceed $20,000. For to Cgluhngtbia Hosp;tal, $400. ¤¤¤¤··¤'•¤¤•v¢¤- or ecarean tmemo md1ge' t ti tsunder t t totbzomaalgncd 3}:6 Childresfs Hospitlil hy tell; Scand of·Cli°aIi·it§s, no ex , . H°¤¤°P•*N¤ H¤•· For the care and treatment of indigent patients, under a contract mm tobemad withtheNtinalH th1cH 'talAssocra’ ’ th; Board (bf Charitiesixgtl to exz:d0£g5(>0. wp! mm by ¤¤¤¤¤¤=v oremerge care t tm t f, dfreed1spe' mary ' to, indigent piitynts under augntsalizt (dr a-greement to be