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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 967 the Central Dispe and Eme nc Hos ital b the Bo ¤tFm·eee,e17,eee.“S”’ » ’g° ’ P Y “"’ °‘ or emergenc care and treatment of, and free d1spe` nsary servi ¤••¤¤¤D¤¤¤¤•¤v· to, indigent Brtiiints under a contract or ent to be made the Eastern xspensary by the Board of Cgarities, $12,500. For the care and treatment of indigent patients under a contract H¤¤¤¤f¤¤!¤¤¤¤¤¤n to be made with the Washmgton Home for Incurables by the Board of ghanties, $3,000. or care an treatment of in nt atients under a contract to be -°°‘”'°H,,n,‘°",,,, °“""“ piadag the Georgetown Uniidciigsity hospital by the Board of Chari· my _ ies, , . For care and treatment of indigent atients under a contract to be ¤·¤r:¤ Wndunshn made yam me eeeege weemegzee University neepsm by me Board "“"“’“’ mm of Charities, $5,000. -

 Hosrrrar.: Sugerintendent, $1,800; resident phy- '¤‘¤¤¤¤¤¤·¤# HM-

sician, $480; pharmacist and erk, superintendent of nurses, and engineer,_ at $720 each; lplathologist, $300; matron, dietician, chief cook, 8S8ISl3B!1li_6Dgl.l1661', undryman, and seven graduate nurses, at $600 each; assistant cooks—one $360, one $180; assistant engineer, $480; elevator conductor, $300; three laundresses, at $240 each; farmer, laborer, mght watchman three orderlies, and lawstant laundryman, at $360 each; two ward maids, at $180 each; four servants at $240 each; in all, $17 820; For provisiopls, fueli fioragehlhyamess, and vehicles and to °°'*‘*"¤°"*""¥'°""'· same gas, ice, ces, c otlnn§' goods, tai , drug; an medical' supplies, furniture and bed ing, kitchen um, boo and peri— ochcals not to exceed $50, temporary services not to exceed $1,000, and other necessary items, $30,000; For repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $2,000; For purchase and installation of disinfecting plant, $800; For mcinerator for burning sputum, $750; For vacuum cleaners, $4§0; For new high- ressure boiler, $1,000; _ _ For erection oi) buildings to afford additional accommodations for ` incipient cases, $2,000; _ _ _ ` In all, for Tuberculosis Hospital, $54,820. CHILD-CARING ms·rrrn•rroNs. °•*•°'°**”°'•°· Boann or- CHILDBE`N’S evanmansz For administrative expenses, °""°""°' including ex enses in placing and visiting children, city directory, ¤¤v•¤¤ purchase of giooks of reference and periodicals not exceeding $25, and all office and sundry expenses $3,100; _ For agent, $1,800; executive clerk, $1,200; placing officers——one at “""*°‘ $1,000, two at $900 each; investigating clerk, $900; record clerk, · and two :$siting88gnspectors, at $720 each; clerk, $660; mesenger, $360; in > $9: i . · s s·m • For maintenance of feeble~mmded children (wlnte and colored), d,{§,§’_‘ md d $18 000 ; _ , , For board and care of all children committed to the guardianship °°"°·°°°‘ of said board by the courts of the pistnct, and for_the temporary care of children pending investigation or Wllllé being transferred th from place to lace, with authority to pay not more than $1,500 to ,,,,,,,;,0,,, institutions adiiuxed to be under sectarian control and not more than $300 for b of children dying while under charge of the board, $45,000; In for board of children’s ardians, $75,980. Thdudyisbursing officer of the llgigtrict of Columbia is authorized to “"""”‘°"”"‘ advance to the agent of the board of children’s upon uisitions previously approved by the aud1tor _ the Dstrict of r(;lumbia and upon such security as may be required of said agent 87618°-vox. 37-r»r 1—63