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968 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS: Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. by the Coeizrdrnissioners of the District brgf Csgllutmbia, sums of nponey tto $200atanyonetimeto u or ensesmpacm 21(id children, traveling on lofficial busineseafilf the board, and i°$ °£i€r?°“£t3‘$';@°£a$§‘ii‘;s°£?t2“$E°c“Z°¤S§.i.r‘l°$i’53‘£."£$‘§ 0 ‘ j month on itemized vouchers properly approved. _ B°{g§§**,g'p* cjfggg Iunusrmar. Hours Scnoor. ron Cowan Cmummw: Superintendcanam. ent, $1,200; matron of school, $480; two 681'6ttk8I'S,. two assistant °"“'°* caretakers, nurse, and sewing teacher, at $360 each; two teachers, ““ .¥‘€‘i°i°”*g‘i‘?““2`•°Z8‘¢‘?‘“gaa“°2r'£’£tmm' '°°°‘ £."§“‘.$"’ra¤““° "‘°”i“‘§°§3% · an oe Wn a. ; a a each; and at $240 each; in dll,$7,440; , F=v¤·••- V ger marn rncluding purchase and care of horses, wagons, I an I ; For furniture and eauipmant, $250; _, For repairs andjmprovements to u dingapd grounds, $1,000; For fire protection, mclu lugs, ; P In $ for Industrial Home for Colored Children, $16,990: untrinupumm , That all moneys received at said school as income from F'°"°"'· °“· sale of products_and from Bgment of board, of instruction, or otherl”“°tz.“*i»“¢“.xp.m¤b° ’“"}.&"i,°’ mthem` °°&“`“‘W °l SI2 °“‘".ch°Q¥`e°.mg' ¢°"‘?.?" ra y m su ‘o c · fiscal year mneteen hundred and fourdien. Y ,,":,‘g,‘ff"'•' ‘*°°° Innusrarn. Hound Sonoor.: Superintendent, $1,500; mation, www $480;tlrree I!l8l•1'0D8,h0\lS0k§G,lDdSOW1¤g$&h0!,It$360Q8§h§ two assistant matrons, and nur-ue, at $300 each; manual-traminlgs teacher, $600; florist, $840; engneer, {720; farmer, $540; cook, laundress, at $240 each; two usemuds, at $180 each; temporary labor, not to exceed $400; in all, $8,620; Expmat ger including purchase and care of horse, wagon, 8¤ hmm, » · F airsand im rovements to build1ngs' and ds $1 700· Irl)!-ahqlor the Indnibtrial Home School $26,320gmm l ’ l ,,E,;’,”,;°,,{•,,',,,;?,§f“*°” For- care of children under a contract to be made with the l§'ationalAssoc1ation for the Relief of Destrtute Colored F _ H Women and Children by the Board of Charities, not to exceed $9.900. °““‘“‘°¤’ °“· malzior thalczlre avrpd xnamtenaéice offchnlldren under la cotgtrrictatpl bg e wx e ashmgton ome or oundhnga charms, :6.000. y ° ° ° Af;',j*,§,_·*¤¤’* i¤*¤* For the care and maintenance of children under a contract to_be iagaggowrth Samt Anns Infant Asylum by the Board of Charities, T"”"°"" °°“‘°" , o rmurosanr nouns. “"?“*¤•"°°·’¤=M··11 `hs dood dm are 1- - ‘°““° p,e.1’€‘.2I$If’.,”.§t,`l,°tTL“§t.i’¤“.¤20“2L,t Z, rm§II.¤,“¤J§%0’§ c¤é1:°$§0’;“¤;g§t

agz15m;p&§{>r$§11;3r61onths, at $25 per month, $150; maintenance,

.,£,."?‘}§.,,,,QY"" S°" Iempomry; Home for ex-Union soldiers and sailors, Grand Army of the Republic, namely: Superintendent, $1,200; janitor, $360; cook, _$36Q; maintenance, $$,000; m all, $5,920, to be ezzpended under Bupa md Help th% o;“o: l;l1ilC0!1QH1lBSl0Dct;IB of the Dist-mat olfildolumbia. rz. 0 WOID mm contract to be made with the Florence C1?il:t;1toncHop<inadld1(lE(llel8 Mbsion by the Board of Charities maintenan $3 000 P Support of indlgnt ’ cc: » · .,..,._ Hosrnju. FOB THE INSANE: For support of the ind' ent imma of the District of Columbia in the Government H0spital1§or the Insane insaid District as videdb lg , _ pro y w, S350,000. ...2:% °°°”'*_ F<>r depormgon from the District or Columbia of nom-esidm '°‘-°°·¤·'“· g:¤¤° P¤¤Q¤¤, 111 wwfdnqce with the Act of Con§ass ".., chagge proceeding for admission to the Government ospital for e