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1396 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. IH. cn. 130. 1913. ¤·y,_andpayherapensionat.therateof$20permonthinlie11ofthat ¤··-···w·····¤ °h°·ri°L°¤iYI.e etglegige wamsck, late of campaay 11, one banned and fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and pay a pension at the rate of $36.£:·month in lim; of that he 18 now receiving. ""' " "` { “‘° *"?.? na..°‘ ‘*°‘“2‘m.—.¤·.“§?.¥§.S2;'$’1‘.?¢K.‘Z;,°“.2..*t“,?.“;°L*i:.”2 0 -e1gh . . . pegon at the rate of $3%per month inlieu of that hdis now receiving. "'*°°**’·“"'“'· 'l‘lmnameofThomas _ . Stevens, lateofCompargfB, Onehundred and twenty-eeeond Regiment Illmois Volunteer entry, and pay him_8_R0@0¤ at the rate of $50 per month m lieu of that he is now ¤¤·•¤‘¤*· of Darwin Zeeir, late of Company E, One hundred and " fourth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension attherateof$30permonthinlie11 ofthatlmeisnow ¤•*¤ F- 8****- The name of David F. Stewart, late of Company A, Fifth Regiment IndianatYlolu11Bt::er0§?}a&*:|t;1·{gend pay him a pension at thereto of $36 per mon m u is now receiving. """""'“""""· ThenameofNth Vam¤nan,lateofCo panyD Twelfth ’· ment West Virgiiiia ·V1olunteer Infantry, anx: pay him a pennieihagalt therate0f$30permonthinlieu0fthatheisnowre<:ei . ,{;j{" N· '°'“" The name of John N. Postlethwait, late of Compan v:,gEleventh R ent West Virginia Volunteer Infantry: and pay a pemion atcgthzlrate of $30 Efmonthinlieu ofthat eisnowreeei . ’°“““"· The name of Jo Miller, late of Comgiglny H, l•‘ifty-seevgii Regiment. Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and pay _ a pension at the rate of $3g_£r month in lieu of that he is now reeemng. um °` hn-` , _;W¤°] °fBJ°]!¤ 0·?I¥;¤?°¤» 1%*410f &1¤¥;fny B, Onalinundred and WW! 0 him pension at the rate of $24 ger month lieurof thhlttgissgowpseiddnét “•'° "· "· *’°""'· The name of Adam P. . Poisal, late of Company F, Second Potomae Home Brigade Maryland Volunteer Infantizé and pay him a halmn pension at therateof $301[er-monthinlieu ofthat isnowreeeiving. The name of Francis Hanes, late of Company B, Eighth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantrkand pay him a pension at the rate ,mLmmk_ of$30permonthml1enofthat nsnowreceiving. ‘ ’ 'I`he name of John L. Skinner, junior, late second lieutenant Company E, One hundred an.! fortneth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Intgntéi-K;and pay hun a pension at the rateof 824 permonthinlieu of a is now reeemng. ’°'*°"·“‘°"'* The fJ hn P. Glam? late {Ce B, Eigh Rcgjmc Ipwa lilxiiliiger tgzvalry, an Oohmzpanymlgtitnéventeentihel eteran_Beserve rps,an pay apensnonattherateof 0per month m lieu of that he is now "*"*"*“*"""* ThenameofWi.lli A.SteartltefCom - seventh Regiment I0';:lv0l1111¢0:l’ Irifaintx; and pg.yuKi¤Ji’a1p~;n•f:i'gn at the rate of $24 month in lieu of that he is new rece;] 'ng ,,:,,§,{"“ "“"" The name of Wmm Tumbeaugh, late of Company E, Eighéqmgh Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry and pay hun a pension .4, the JWLBWMR rate of $30 per month inlieu of that lie is now reeei . · The name of Julia A. Suedekernwidow of Geo Wvllgedeka late of Company C, Eighty-fifth Regiment Indianalgolunteer Infah pmt., Emd PW N? 9 P¤¤¤1<1¤ at the rate of $24 per month in lieu of quttgg r.¤‘a one on as now reee1v1n§1:Prnvided, Thatin the event et the dem. ogg,-cmd, "'*'*"°‘*“‘ p1essmddgpa1dent:dchHdofsaidGeo1geW.Snedeh;•:·'i _ pension herein gm-m·m, “{g·g-_g·g}¤¤¤gov•ded_1iw¢ha,ifhatin theey'{•:n1tot ti1edeat.h:?guli•A. Snededker _ enameof the¤udG¤·trud•l[.S¤edekq-shall beplaeedengha nnnrollgutigectto theproviitnnsundliinitationso thepmsion 15:-