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1440 six·1·Y-sE00N1> comnnss. sm III. cu 137,138. ms. payherapensionattherateof$20p¤·monthmlie¤10fthatahe1s now receiving. . W¤¤¤¤ www- The name of William Malony, late of Company B Denver City (Colorado) Home Guards, and pay hun a pemmn at the rate of $24 permonthinlieu ofthathe1sn0v•jrecav1n€6__ _ “"*"°""""‘ The name of Rachel Stewart widow of _ Stewart late of Companies D and Sixty-fifth Be$i.ment Illinois Volunteer Iiifang, and payherapumon attherateo Szupermonthmheuofthat e is now _ _ _ ¤•r¤¤¤· PM- The name Sophia M. Davis, widow of E. Davis, late of Company E, Nmth t Pennsylvania Qeerve Volunteer Infant , and Company One hundred and nmetgeth Bgrment Pennsyrfvauia Voluntea I anuy and pay her a pension at e rate of$20pea·monthinlim ofthatdliemnowrecuunsn ’•"¤ """'“· The name of Jams Russell, late of Company H, ehundred and eleventh Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; pay a pension at therateo $36pe·rmonthmheu ofthat eisnowrecemng._ °•"“”"'· 'l‘he name of David Amos, late of Company D Ninth Regiment, West Virginia Volunteer Infantry and Company D First Regiment West V'u·ginia Veteran Volunteer Infantg, and pay hi1n_a pension at tlCerateof$30 monthinlieuofthat B1Sl10Wl'd5BlV1D§. '*`*•°=¤¤ °°°¤*'· l‘he name 0ix?l‘homas Cooper, late of Company D, ourteenth Be?ent West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, pay him a_pension at e rate of $30 per month m heu of that he is now receiving.

  • •*°·*¥"•· The name of Isaac Ayres, late of Company B, Sixty—lifth Regiment

New York Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that he is new receiving. °·¤°·* W*““””°¤ The name of Samuel Williamson, late of Compan I, Eleventh R ’ ent West Virginia Volunteer- Infantry, and pay him a pension at gerate0f$30permonth in hen of that eisnowrecei ' °""‘ *‘· ”°‘""'· The name of David R. Beavers late of Compan K, ment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, and pay a pension at mmm mm the rate of $30 w month in lieu of that he is now receivn . The name of illiam Ashton, late of Company D, Fifth tilgegimeut Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of I And n $36 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. ""°° °”° ‘ The name of James Anderson, late of Company C, One hundred and thirteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving, the same to be to him without any deduction or rebate on account of former ed overpayments or erroneous payments of pension. I Approved, March 3, 1913. Karen s, mu ——,L‘· .,$“·*.i.,,.·%,?°.l·:I..,,n*¤*t,°.;·.;r“¤.e..s·%..,.*·¤*~· ,,,··*,,..·~···-*··-··.···,.,.,·=···-*-· ·»·<·—=·· VI , 0. . l I mmmeczvnw¤,a¤a•¤vti¤·»¤e:¤v5i»mn¤me¤n¤ta°°d °"°”°*°' Be€¢enadedby¢7leS¢nnteandHmue veso the United P·¤¤i¤¤¤· States of America ip (Tongue ataemblx, t of the Interiorbe andheishere y, authorized anddirectedtoplaceonthe Eamon roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension "°”"°** ThenameofElizabethA.Whittaker widowofWi1liamT Whit- Ehibh A. White . ne. taker, late of Company I, Twenty-eighth R ‘ 1; United 3;.;,,, Infantry, and slay her a pension at the rate of :12 month, and $2 per month 'tnonal on account of one minor cggl of the soldiu untilsuchelnldattainstluageofsixtsmyaan.