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1460 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. "°•‘*•- bes thdf " d1ssumg' ’ ch ti :Provided,That. knmmm thetthniil ° 0 priigsdlurggdai-n the execusgon 3 th:. provisions of this reeolution thexceed the sum of two thousand Eve hundred dollars. _ "'•¤•'¤•°¤¤¤’~ To prepare a plan of camp arrangement suitable to the ”*¤** °°cSi;utl?•To report to Congress upon all of these matters within thirty days after the passage of this resolution. Pased, August 2, 1912. Apu, im. BARON VON BTEUBEN STATUE. Resolved the H (the Senate o¢meurn'

:"°" “"‘ g’I•atdmtl5e cognychrrent wgion  A\1gIlI§ twezétzrlgofirst, ninetyah

un even, roviding or o roeeedmge '°Y$$,°;'?°¢i::'°Lm_ upon the Tilnveiling of Ithe statue of BaroIhn: Washing-

 U ton_Deeemberseventh,nmetea1h¤ndred and ten, be amended by

¤•¤¤¤*•*-. following sentence after the lest word thereof; f. •• th shan pe same rolumglz: herein p;ovided or e roeeedng e unveiling 0 statu von Stedhen rlin, September ssoond, nineteen huhcfred and eleven; and this document be compiled and prmted rmder the direction of the Jomt Committee on Prmt:1ng." Passed April 2, 1912. Ayn 11,1912. · CONGRA'1‘ULA'l‘I%NS T0 CHINA. [H. Ona. Bn. No. I0.] Reeoleed the H (the Senate emwuvnj , 2,;";,,,,,,,,,:{ -,22 That the Urhyted Statgzfatxnenuwqnhhm the of Chmh gu?-;g{=¤¤ on thexr aszumpgon of the ptgwsn, dut1es,hand mmm hes of selfgovernmen , an resses e coniid t ° the ad ` and maintenanoeidra r?ublicen fox'-: oplgmverntihgit, the OP"; liberties, and happiness 9 the Chinese people will be secure an.-Nhthe progress of the oonmtry msured. Passed April 17, 1912. In M _ HOOKWORH AND SOIL POLLUTION CHART. . Rd. 0. . . `ReaoZvedby theH' Repreeentazi t]•e8ena¢ewMu;·n'

 ”“ That there be pdntezuzarqhhe use of thxiduse of Representatizgi

Prlnumuena. fiv; thelusand oopies on manila paper of a wall chart on hookworm ,,,,_,,,,,_ in so ripllutnon, thousan five hundred for the use of the dotnie: of tepresentatxves and one thousand Eve hundred for the use Passed May 9, 1912. [8 C:-y;•;¤::·m] TEXAs SOUTHERN JUDICIAL DIST1uU1•. Reeolvedby¢heScna!e (t7•e`H Rep•·e;gmuw,° ,,,,,,,,,1 · wm"°*& mum' That the President- is to the Sennte the ·—*"""‘ ”' @1..32; .}?‘·}‘§’;£“?.`.‘i.1°‘°‘*°t., £"..,.,“‘°,t °°““"" *;,,,“‘%·‘: °"""""""‘°'°‘ Texas, and for a clerk for said court, andtior othe:`pC°rPm ·” that the action of t.heV`1eePresidentandPresidu1t§theS'e¤at• and the ipuevier of the House of Repre•entative•·in•igning theeaid Passed Hay 16, 1912.