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1486 CONSULAB CONVENTION-SWEDEN. Jun 1910. or back to their country. To this lande ombord eller hemsandaude and they shall address the com- till sitt land. Ij"or_ sadant endapetent_ ocal authorities of the skola de sl¤1.ftl1§en hanvanda PBSEOGUVB countries, in wntmg, sig till vederboran e myndighet an shallmaketo themawuttm p latsen rsgktive land, och request for the desertexs, sgpport- mggva en Jig om

 of ereg· rymmarnss anhillande, till stod

ister o the vesaegranogi 1:; the for_hv11lren borsiépgigztes crew, or ocu— regstrenngscert s ments, townozv that l'd10_gGI'D9DB mansxjuila, eiier offentliga claimed belong to the said ship’s handlingar, som 0 company. Upon such _ request eftersokta personerna ora farthus sufpsprted, the delrvery to tyget. Pl. salunda styrkt begithemo edeserterscannotbe rankanutlamnandeafigmmarna refused, unless it should duly till dem who forviigsz orsa vidt proved that they were citizens of det ·1GkB 1 veder ring ordmng the country where &8l1‘0¥t•1‘8d1• v1sas,attdev1ddent1 ,dA,d61‘I$ tion is at the time of namn mfordes 1.?6II18.D81‘\1ul·!}, szu ‘:1*r=ih*:¤°**,.cab°ds,°¤ ****:1**:*;..*3 ;1*:::1.·“,.*°*¤"·,n.i..* beg£res°H‘¤t1.,d§Hnt . an phrgtectiozisliallbefumishedfor erforderligt bistand och slizgd uwpiursu1t,seiz1f1re,sndarrestlw;•i skalllimnasforrymmarnase eso v W d put and kept in tlge Pl'lS01?:g?ulB ixpforvar, 'och dessacskols. Sheri °°“,°°%’r’eIEcZ“¤Z£.‘%‘¥.?£Z.“° °§i “£g¤s.““ °§i‘ £?."‘”“¤¤.st·¤‘,,te’“m°.,.°“ rs, un g theremaybean rtuni f nensunmodanochbekostadtill sending them egg?) _If, dess tillfille yppar sig at: sitnda ever, suchtanmggporgbujxaiti should :1011: dem. kOmke1umellertid sidant no presen 1 wi e ace e b' d ' of two months, counting froriip the under ldp it S af iv? rhlfinzdzig day of the arrest, the deeerters raknadt fr£i dagen da de anh6llos’ arres r o bmp; amm, E2? 22 E3 "*’°“2:J"£.§ °‘;P, ¥*€"..£%:'““ ‘°”‘&&" *’“ "* same cause. _ anledning Lnyo anhallas. ml! the deserter has committed Om rymmare be§•ltt négon fory_m1sde1neanor, and the court seelse och domsto en, som iger

 ‘° 23.*51 °‘i""" “° %‘“ fm?. d°"il““’T1 “°‘

_ ense c arm ansp oc uté ar enna and exercise it, the delivery of the ritt kalll rymm 1* - deserter ehall be deferred rmtitl nande zippskjutas, tilllcndemutddgithe decision of the court has been stolens beslut aflnmnats och'verkpronounced and executed. stillts. Arrrxcnn XIII. Armuzr. XIII. ¤**•=···**····*~ All p ‘ www to the Alla argue · ,.mm,,,,h,,,,g §alvage of theBUnited med iorenta Stater- S$£§°6¤“‘?.‘€}fi°°0¥’pé’»'$¤d..h"’° °°$“f£ $ f"“’iz.°§““ Em “k§"*’°*"°{2 1 SVGDS Us , wrecked upon the coasts of the fartyg, som lidit sr-lie oc bartgm vid United States shall be directed Fomnta Staternas knilslxskola ske by the consuls-general, consuls, xmder ledning af de tva Iimdernas vice-co , and vice- reepektrye generalkonsuler konconsuls of the two countries, re- suler, vicegeneralkonsulexz och tivel and til their arrival vicek ' $P°° Y, _ im onsuler och intill deesu M. ...  :{,;:.»:,::·*·:.$*=·.vg.,,,~;·;.·*·*·* mms ..·*·‘*~*.]r..,,.,,."*·*·t:.F' :2%"“md· *·····

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the pin? and ports where m` upprittagl. Pt on-ter Eli hamagemcy oes not exist, the local nar, dir mgm agentur foreiinnee,