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1636 Frsrmnrns AG1mmmNT-G1zEA·r BRITAIN. Jm.r20, 1912. r~·=·¤¤¢•~ after it has convened. The Umpire shall conduct the procedure in "°‘·’°· °·“ rem •th unt pmaaea in Oha _ rv or the convention for t·li:0Pacifi:: gétlemint of of October 18, 1907, N·>¤¤· ¤* ¤°°“°¤· ugpg convocation of mcluding the terms _ of reference of the queeuon at issue, shall be as follows: “'1‘l£;srov1sionhere1nafterfu1lysetforti1ofana<:tdat¢ed.¤ . , publi l].\th0_-: G|N“A,hl8b$¤DOCl5Qt0tdIOGOV¢111· ment of Great Brrtam by the Government of the United_Statee under dateof .. ,asprov1ded‘3the•$t¤rteredrntoonJuly $0, 1%,2, pursuant to the aw of the Tribunal of Septanber provmonso thatAg1ee1nentthsGoyernmen o ’ ·ii·¤' t to u1 · * 1 t { Great llsgiigin hergby summons the Permanent Mixed Fishery Commimon or C d · . . . (N§wf°:;5L¤d) composed of Commissioner fo:

 of'A!!10I'l¢8, {Hd of -•-·»---    

h shall act tllaljfu N 4Wiu1P0I0l'1l>b0ld|\ll_$•


and render a decrsron withm rty days as to whe efrovrsron so notified is reasonable and consistent with the Treatgeo 1818, as interpreted by the award of the _Kague Tribunal of ptember 7, E10, aptg 1f not, m what respect It rs unreasonable and mconsnstent c02r§Tmi“ Zi.$‘.i‘1"°°“’..2“r§ ¥§Jé"L“ ""°”“°2‘ }'c...”’*"Ji"’¥’.1..""".,r11"‘° mmission so n vernmen o rr lll er thatthefurthe actionrequiredbythatawarddrallbetaken forthe decision of the;boye question. _ “The provision ns as follows , .. 7 -7 ... ” mm °‘°°°“'°¤* 7. The unanimous decision of the two national Cornmsssro or the majority decision of the Umpire and ona Commissioner, § be $}_;’;g*;’g{;;,L‘;g;’_' Engl in regard to the in Protocol N XXX of the arbitration p `ch shal not have been disposed of gy diplomatic methods, _ be referred not to the Commission o expert mentioned in the award but to the Permanent Mixed_F1shery Commrssrons, to be_coustituted as hereinbefore provided, rn the same manner as a drference in regard to future regulatrons would be so referred. Aimcu II. c‘gge:·¤¤¤ ¤=**¤ And whereas the Tribunal of Arbitration in its award decided I11case_ofbaystl1a8marine miles are tobe measured from a straight line drawn acrom the of water at theplwe where it ceases to have the configuration and charactenatres of a bay. lit all other places the 3 marme miles are to be measured follow- Hag the smuositres of the coast. An whereas the Tribunal made certain recommendations for the detennination of the limits of the bays enumerated in the award; Now, therefore, it is agreed that the recommendati in so far as thesamerelatetoba conti oustothsten·itor·yotf¤a1aDominion v¤¤.¤¤.¤·¤¤~ Elf Canada, to wgch of the Special Agreement is applicae, are hereby op to wr : °·¤··“·¤‘*¤ Ineverybay thereinarter ‘ ·q,q{m·u, limits cr yanusigsnau be-arrwaltzhree gineixzlwara from : atragzlxneacroesthebayintlrepartueareatthaentrance at the pomtwherethewidthdoeanotemceadtenmilea.