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1086 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 114. 1912. °•¤*¢·°·¤··- The {Geo Gorh lteo£Co H,ThirteenthRegiment Volul-fnoteer Inf..:n’tr?y, and a pension at the rate of thirty do per month in lieu of that is now _ ¤¤vi¤¢- ¤•¤· . The name of Lewis C, pug, late of Cgmgtlly K Millqan, 'I'wenty-eaghth Regiment Wisconsin olunteer antry, pay hm sipensxon at 'hlZl6_1‘$l’aB of twenty-four dollars per month in lieu of at e xs no reoemngi · "““*"* "· D"- The name of William . Day, late of Company D, Tenth Regment Z$£?°¤€“i‘3uY3£u.¤“‘“'p}?£.‘Z.%a1??1.¥.‘Z¢”tt“Z»$..%?.“»te‘ “’°·'“° °‘ “•¤¤"•“¤· Theyname oi Henry Biebin, late of Com J C First Rzgnent mzmvtnm “·=** *?.‘*"°f.>Z· §¤1..‘·*m · mma ·* _ ra o are mon nn . i’r°$$.°'n vnu. naéme ofyllaigon widogvdof E¢lwird]s€1}°VrV£a;ior§v)l{:t$e ca am ompany an ma or, Regiment tate

Cavalry, amllpay her a pmaionat theriute of twelve

ymlbm hm-aa 0 IIB I1 i . . _ ‘ "~e ¤•¤¤¤·1·¤¤¤·¤¤¢ The name of Henry D. Lockwood, late of Compan_y.E, Twenty-third Regiment Volunteer andtgy a pension at_the s__wm“l` ¤‘¤*¤°f thm! d°u¤‘¤ 1¤<>¤rhl¤ Of. t hpm*nor_reoe1vmg. The name of Samuel glaek, late of I}, _Forty-nmth ment Vclimtoer Infantry a ponaionat Jo-ph mts of thirty ollars {er month in lieu o t he ie now ’·"°°* VThe na:$3lofJosef¤fIArock, late of Qompany I, Fifth Regiment Himsa]? unteer thanhy, QPBIIBIDIIPS the rata of Jam s_ MWQ {hse are gte: monh Sm lieu of the an now reeeivmg. _,,, , 4 name Josep . Spanner lateofCwanyF _Fiftygfiret_Regnment Musaehmetts Volnmteer Infantry, y him a non at xtlxci 1:;; of twenty-four dollars per month of thatgisis now John Van¢lerB¤!¤L ‘ _ The name_of John Vander Horok, late captain Co D, Fifth mutex M·*·¤*:°‘*a."°*·*#·...*··* ‘*;*··C***· ::1..*% ¤·*·*§‘€.’·`·°;·,P·¤.* El ·=·-·~·· ·- »·-···= ‘*‘&—§.2‘€.2§..‘3“‘.Q{"¤h..r“°"?.“ K°'F“‘...°“n**a‘“¤i‘L:“Z§’.‘ $1:. g° " ‘2.€"¤,'°“.,..?.;*.1i.‘ Q = . , m , Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry Pan.:ya him a pengnezgiatmgthenmd tlurtydollarapermonthinlieuo})tgathehnnow ”""'°“"‘°"‘!“· The name of Huriso Buchanan, late of C D ‘ ‘

 Vcguntleer Infantg, and paymlllmug  am

hmm a wenty-four ollan per mon m lieu of that hem now Mm, ,,_ ,0,,, The name of Mag Boyer, widow of John Boyer, late of Company F, One hundred an _ mnety-fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, mmm and pay her a pension at the rate of twelve dollars mon mn ,,,,,,’¤=*·•·•°;,_ The name of Ellen Braekett, widow of Edwin F. ETB;-aekett, late

i..$";,¤:;¢1:·.% ?’p$¤'Z$2‘i.°1 “.¥2”“°£‘,“?2°u..°“ V°"“‘“’°' It§““¤.“I.:’.;

_ _ _ wen m n ’ ' Bren? E. xgmnenpa, of '?1;tn?n:¢:>?3:hh°;??E#a§hdph alias John I3re¤dop:te Jl Corhn ° °" ° ” ”°°°°‘ G, Twenty-sixth Regiment Missouri Volnmteer Infu; and payplilg ia’p;n:wnat;d;héerawofthntydoHmp¢monthi1§"'h’eudthatho ,,;,ff°*¤*·· "·¤* F- The name of Xloenus Ward Fenton, late paainfie D 55;;], ‘ m°,‘:E£»§‘:.’."°‘“1‘.‘?.;'¤?*"»§”...·.$“t‘}.*:.‘i·."*“‘°°§‘m"·°*·“ ~··¤····· »···¤·» The mm or vflltlim · late or Companym °X,wsie°$»°$a”?égs¤m¤ Manne Voluntea Cavalry, ay him a Eemian at the rate of nmhm x”_’~ tw?1tg·four tlgllhaniaa permciggh ingieiusof that e is now ment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and wyuhigfa pexgigi ft°$hrat• of thirtydollanapermonthmlienoft.lJlh·theisnowrooeiving.