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1732 Pnocnamuons, mz. B!·mnPassm¤rorrnU¤rn¤ Suns or Ammo;. sinus _ A PROCLAMATION. ¤¤¤\-•¤••¤¤ WHEREAS eerionu dkturbanes and forcible to the —“r¤-ua the established Government exist m eertam portnom of WHEREAS d thseoouditions't° thed ofallpersou wit1intlnejurhd‘i1;tih·nofth•U¤itedSt:t;ItoreI1;`'from ecom- &n¤ of sets ’ by the law thereto relahug aud subversive ¤tth• try with whiehtho United Stats is at

 tholawsof tboU¤ited Stats prohibit under such

eireumstanosallpemonswithinandgrubjeotto thevirjurisdietion from taking part contrary to said laws m my meh disturbances adverse] to suehstablmhed government; and » V¢¤»r»¤••· by§»reseua¤tme¤txftwoormorepe1aonseon· . gpire to commit an emeggaimt the United Stats, any aot of one eopsparato; to dfeot the obleot ofsuohecnsprreey rendmsall the conqnratom hable to fine and 1mpr1sonment;·•nd _ WHEREAS there i•`r•a•¤¤ tobelieve that eitaens of theUnited

  • ’·*·,..,*··i,,g·*··*..··..,..,..;..,..**··*· .1*:* .*:.·a¤·¢:;¥:.···: *’··

an m tats }:‘...,..."’*"°"°""..Z..·.°‘ ·""°..'£*°‘°" e.¤.¤.,..?` .;'%‘.%.‘£°¤.“.‘i".i.f’.»‘i‘,‘»?s.$‘.‘;‘i§]°*£.’:,.‘f1‘%.': themliobleto thesgverependtis provided forsuehviolaéom; Now, therefore, m recognition of the lawn tgvuning and contronginsuehmatteraavellasmdisahargeof obligationsof the U '_ Stats towardsafrieridlyeountry, aud as measuroofpmo-

thater¤s¤•of theU¤itedSt•te•andall other; thdrjuxpsdrotaon maybedeterredhomsubjeeting them-

" ·•elvs to lpgal forfeaturs and penalties; _ _ ·—···'·£"£é.?"‘··~.¤ A.}; """:.‘:‘a..?.‘i.‘,i"“..·.;'.§s.T - ‘I'¤°¥..‘;1".r." *"°}’i,"¤.‘°.;% ,,.,..V'. 5 ¤'n'°"’·* violation of the laws hereinbeiore referred to, and d0l£0b] ullIluYbiI»ti0lll0fIUGh1IWIWiilb0l'igN¤ ouelatprooeouted; and I do hereby all oilieen of the Uni St;te•ohargedvgiththe¤ec¤¤o:1nd nghlawatheuflmoet revm thereof in ° to tri d

t':a;ny  egainstdibe argll 66 gdISdo herfiy

0 0Wl¤g {lux gy take part in the dkturbanes now existing in the neoesu-[defense of their persons or propeéz, or who shall otherwpe engage m aes subversive of the tranq 'ty of that country, wilhdoaoattlmrpenlandthattlieylreaninnownseobtaizi anyprotegtnonhimH»eGovemmmtoftho nitedStats sgaiusttheappro- ····**·% ··e::.·*····~··· 1·***···*...t,.·m*·· ·° ‘·· ·· mmm are m vn ‘ ·

 1- ··~··~·*···(.N°?·"" »:aER*’·E0- F Ib "“'L“"" " “"°"

caused mma ot umursm sm; »i;°.m¤a°°°°.t° °°°my md md Done at the Cityof Washington this 2nd dayofMareh, in the nn. ence o · [ , Z.‘i.‘%‘..‘}*.‘»1‘;'r.‘:°"’ mz: *’*°%·:i.·1*I·§¤¤t2d·"£=,·**·d ··;·’ **·**·· tb·“»him _ _ m tots o Amenea By the President: wx H Tm · Hunrmguox Wrmox Ading Secreiary of Sl¤fe.