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1 104 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 139. 1912. ams a. scum;. The mzmlg or Jmb R, Dowity, late of Company G, Iforty-seventh Regahmen ew York State tm I.!l.fll1(I& and pay lum a pension at _ e_ rate of twenty-four dollars per mon in lieu of that he is now reeen . ¤·¤*•¤ ·¤*>¤¤¤¢- Thgilngame of Daniel Arbuqkle, late of Compzfny B, One hundred and thu·ty-seventh Regxment Tllmoas Vohmteer anuygoand pay him_a £gx;=1;>•1;;:iht.l;e rate of thirty dollars per month m of that he as ,,,£”,{Q"""°' °‘ "°°°' _ Ttlae name G. g;odworth, hmf Corr]?-any D, Thirty- mn Rsgnmen owa Infm pgngi the rate of forty dollars énmonth in lihglof thalige is nozv reeeiging °'°•'·‘- *"¤’°*· The name of Oscar J. 'per, late of (bmpany l, Twelfth Regiment £i·::z*%·m...i./.,*”‘·1:*...".,.°‘¤¤*•:.L+*.·§.#·>**1x· ··;:‘.£.:z£·:·¤· ~· M ..;.: ** **··s m eu as . °"“‘°°"“"'“ The name of Orlsnpgo Martin, late of Cempan M.; N`m;t::snth Regunent Olno Volunteer Infxy, and Companyi, Seventh Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, ay him a punion at the rate of thirtydollars¥>ermont.l1i11lieu ofsiatheisnowfbceivirng. ’°*“-‘ °*°*'°”· The name 0 John Dickson, late of Company C, Fortieth Regiment · K..?.;¤z*:» "°’m·*·*·*...‘r.f~··*:.¤.;.:·;°.a*..t···· · ¤······ ..;,.,.?·· ·*· ‘·* · · an mo in t isnow " '*}'•"* "- I·°¤· ThenameoFgdwardM.Leonat·d,lateunassngned° T Reglm ua Mishigm Volnmteer Cavalry, and pay him E “Tb the ratemdi ¤·~· · M-···~ www ‘£€2“§’‘3,°'.i“°¤¤.-.¤..“"‘ "‘.}‘°¤‘1:;‘..*2"(§;‘1:‘fs..," "°a’ '&’°*”"*’· s. · _ . , ° I y • Regnnent P l Volunteer Infantry, ‘ mega; 3 at the rate zlnzhgtardouus pu- month m lieu gflythhdin 1; as ng: ··¤··¤··¤· r°°Fl?€ms et John mg, ua of 1;, Forty-ninth mg ent Wiseous' Volunteer Inf , · 1201..; of twentgifour dollars pdrmdnyonth .t$:s:;ni:'tndw ’•"··• °· °’*•· V its mms of James c. mars, late ot seems Bam-y nm mgm

   Czmglting G,  Rqimmt Iowa Voluntec

» I péllslo ' I month m lieu ol; that he is new nt, lf donut “"’ ‘”” °°" T;r*°I‘¥•*§•m*g1l{l¤’[A:¤‘i1tH¤%t,`widt<;w6>flS•mud Hott, late of Com-

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vang. °‘*"‘°"‘°V°¥· The name of Charles MeV l te’of Compu; su; £iII:10?·8800ll% Volnmzg a e ra twmt · · " · name o " _ , I- comm! mm ._ ment Tennessee Vdlunteer Intfantry rulof y lumz Eémsen at Ee mma M nwofchucydousnpemezluunksu oxpaaeasamwnsevang. ' mg}? Pnceéllate of Ezmpany C, Eleventh Regr- . m I - - i mmm umyu¤u·¤¥»»m¤¤ma¤iZ¤0nn°:{a.a2¤·¤s¢»?l.,;l`?””°' ' Tl*°¤¤¤°° ·l¤¤¤¤0¤,l¤f¤0fCompsniesIa¤dC,Forty-sevsnth Regxment New York Volunteer Infanuy, and pa him a pension at Jmhmm *h¤¤f•¤<>i'¢l¤rtydollars mmthmIisnoftbathsi•nowree¤vmg‘ ‘ m·'l?;ev1`;_ameo§Jm§1lrl:?hted Six}senthBEi ,___ , neewaessnm m3‘;‘£*¤I'2»Z.l»..§‘..,..¤..‘ "·.., · 'l`he¤ameofJolmE¤mey,lateofousn;;•nyD mgxt(l¤ioVolunteerInfa¤tn_·y, and yhrlmapaiicinattlrenteof dnrtydnllanpermmthinhen¤f•.gth•i•mwrisesiving.