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1050 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. III. C11. 142. 1915. Rirgg Mi¤ *¤ iPP* Engineers: Promkled further, That allotments for the Mississipoj ` River from the Head of Passes to the mouth of the Ohio River sha be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War in accordance with the plans, specifications, and recommendations of the Mississippi gggw *¤v°***°'>° River Commission as approved by the Chief of Engineers: And m promlleglfurther, That at the beginning of the next session of Con%€ss a speci report shall be made to Congress by the Secretary of ar soiowing the amount allotted under this appropriation to each work o unprovement. T'""'°'°“““d‘ The Secretary of War may, upon the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers, transfer funds heretofore a propriated or authorized for any river or harbor improvement and) which will probably not be required for that improvement prior to June thirtieth, nineteen ` hundred and sixteen, to any other river or harbor improvement for which funds may be needed prior to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred igrvgskd to meh and sixteen: Promkled, That the funds so transferred shall be subject v¤¤$°¤,m. P to the same limitation as that imposed upon the original $25,000,000, namely, to be expended only for the preservation and maintenance of existing river and harbor works, and for the prosecution of such projects heretofore authorized as may be most desirable in the · mterests of commerce and navigation, and most economical and L‘““““°“· advantageous in the execution o the work: And further, That the funds so transferred shall as far as practica le be limited to projects in the same or adjacent districts, and shall be limited to an aggregate of $5,000,000. _ _ _ _ _ Pmyects mowed- no. 2. That the following modificatmns authorized m projects Mmmmw Mm heretofore adopted, to wit: ` v¤1_a7,p,mi{ M8ld6D R1V81‘, M8SS80l1\1S6f»l2SI Tl16 funds DOW on hand and available for completing the plan of improvement authorized by the river and harbor Act approved July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, are hereby made available for any modified lan of improvement which may be recommended oy the Chief ol Engineers and my-mum to approved by the Secretary of War: _ rmnkled, That any] increase in pay for mmm, sm. cost mvolved m the execution of said modined plan s all be paid for_by local mterests and mvolve no further appro riation by the United States for the prosecution or completion of said improvement; that the riparian owners shall give roper ermits to dump spoil on their lands and shall release the Uliiited Slfates from all claims for damagles byl settling or caving of banks into the dredged channel; and t at t_ e State shall lower the obstructing sewer and pledge Ne t R I itself to maintain the new channel detpth. nrgfgiiié. Harbor at Newport, Rhode Islan : The imexpended balance of "'°*·“‘*·P·‘°"°· appropriations made and authorized b the river and harbor Act approved March second, nineteen hundred and seven, for dredging to depths of thuteen and e' hteen feet, is hereby made available for vm 36, m comp etiokg the work of to a depth of eighteen feet author- ‘ p' ozeojd loy e riveié and harbor Act approved June twenty-fifth, ninen undred an ten. m§'§§,,‘§,f°R_{f*V“ Providence River and Harbor, Rhode Island: That the second wgiqugreiémapti {gi- piroviso in the paragraph of the river and harbor Act approved mogjjgg ’ ° " _ arch fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, roviding {gr the

 P- im- improvement of Providence R1ver and Harbor, Ilthode land, be

modified m accordance with recommendation in the report in Rivers and Harbors Committee Document Numbered Nine, Sixty-third Congress, second session, to read as follows: "Prom)1ed further, That no work m the harbor vproper north of Fields Point shall be done until the Secretary of ar is satisfied that the State and the city have com(pleted their proposed expenditures in the combined Providence an Pawtucket Harbors up to at least $2,000,000 for public